Monday, September 9, 2013

Bedford - University School - Good Players

      Last Friday, I watched the second half of the Bedford-University School football game. The last of June I go to the Chris Chambers' Football Camp every summer. Always enjoy meeting the Bedford football players and feel that every year they are going to have at least two prospects who get overlooked.
      Before I comment on some of the Bedford players, I want to applaud the work that Head Coach Jim Stephens does at University School. Always short in numbers, but this prep school plays hard nosed football. Always! This year I liked the play of senior DT Kostas Parrish listed at 6'1-280 who plays both sides of the ball. Strong and powerful, but he must play under more control at times. Their best college prospect may be junior kicker Ryder Bell. Like his size. Dropped some kickoff's into the end zone. Strong leg. Also had a 45 yard FG.
     Bedford's WR/DB Antione Stone (2014) has always been a favorite of mine. Fast, excellent burst, and good hips. Like the way, he recovers in man coverage. Feel like he always plays to the best of his ability. Although he ran for three TD's, he is better WR/CB prospect. Can separate. Can make big plays on either side of the ball.
     DT John Morgan Cunningham (2014) played as hard and made more plays than I have ever seen him do. In the two prior years, he played tough and with a motor, but I thought that he took plays off. Last year at the State Wrestling Championships I thought that he wrestled tough. Strong, athletic, and aggressive. Last Friday, he dominated. A little short by some standards, but strong, quick, and tough.
      Three juniors played well and should all play at the D-1 level, if they continue to work hard.          
      London Cloud ran the ball for 177 yards on 20 carries. Excellent burst. Gets north/south. Breaks tackles. Like his vision. Also plays some OLB. Like his leadership ability on the defensive side of the ball.
      Although OLB Marquise Copeland was nursing a hip flexor, he played well at DE. Usually an OLB, I liked his takeoff and his ability to get through junk to get to the QB. Plays fast and is physical. Finishes plays, but needs to play under control at times. Can drop into coverage.
      After getting verbal beating from his head coach, WR/CB Frank Sumpter played lights-out. Excellent hips and recovers well as a corner. Good open field tackler. Can turn and get deep. Listed 5'11-170, he is an excellent WR. Liked his aggressiveness. Frank could be one of the better CB/WR in his Class of 2015.
       As is getting to be more and more the case, I evaluated Bedford  head coach Sean Williams during his playing days at Bedford. Good player then and doing a good job now.

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