Friday, July 17, 2009

More Offensive Linemen - Class of 2010

Just did not feel right with only mentioning 18 OL guys in my earlier blog. Nick Ihasz(Bedford) - Very heavy and needs to work on speed. Like his toughness. Like his improvment from last year. Needs to keep working on feet. Jeff Tanner(moeller) a typical Moe loneman. Good feet. Good technique. Needs to keep adding weight and strength. Needs to get bigger. DaJuan Calloway(Glenville) really big upper body. Almost too heavy. Needs to be a better bender. Has the feet to pass block, but needs to continue to work on balance. Eric Franklin(Mooney) also almost too heavy. Needs to lose weight. Needs to be a better bender. Needs to play harder. Does have the size that programs want. Brad Ferguson(West Branch)long tall frame, but needs add strength and weight.Like his feet. and reach. Plays defense, but could be a very nice OLineman. Ben Bruzzelli(Wadsworth) continues to surprise me. Liked him a 10th grader, but has not improved like I though he would. Big, tough wrestler in the winter. Needs to be more athletic and dominate OL. Does play some defese. One to watch, because of feet and leverage.

Just wanted to mention a few more offensive linemen. Really all, if they play well, are scholarship type guys. Just need to continue to improve and grow.


cbass123 said...

Hello John, thanks for starting up the blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts on the class of 2010 so far and hope you finish out the position groups in the future. Any chance you could do a post on the class of 2011 before the season starts?

John McCallister said...

Thanks for your nice comments. May publish a "franchise team" this week. Also may do something with 2011 class. Glad you enjoy the blog.