Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camps or combines??

Yesterday I visited the Gary Stevens QB/WR Camp at Bedford HS near Cleveland. This was my third year attending the camp. This year I was somewhat dissappointed in the number of really good young prospects attending. Obviously, there were some good ones, but not as in the past. The Mathews boys and LC Chambers from Bedford looked good and show alot of promise. A couple of young QBs can be big time guys before they finish their careers. St Ed's was represented well. Odis Prunty (210-WR),and Nate Stanley(210-WR) both run such disciplined routes. But the point of this blog is camps or combines.

Football combines, both local and national, serve their purpose. At a combine , prospects get tested and measured. These results go to college programs across the country. Sometimes I question if colleges take the results seriously, but that is not my problem. There is money to be made, but often not from the inner city kid who does not have the extra money to attend.

College one days are good. Some schools, especially MAC schools have taken their show on the road. Ohio University was the first a few years ago, and now others are doing it. Great for the colleges and exposure for the prospects. Prospects get timed and measured and coached, as well as exposed.

Exposure - The "buzz word " of parents and internet "experts." Just how much exposure does a prospect need. Does he have to fly to Texas in December to get exposure and spend 1500 dollars? Does he have to go to Football University and spend 450 dollars?

The Stevens Camp and Mike Schneiders Camp (just to name two) really get into working with the skilled kids. There are linemen's camps also. These camps are not the best for exposure, but they do a really good job of teaching technique. hey break down each skill and continue to try to break some of the bad habits that a prospect has developed. There is also 1on1 and 7on7 competition.

My point is check out the reasonably priced private skill camps. They may not give you the great exposure, but if a prospect is young, or is older and is needing finetuned, these camps may be just what he needs.

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