Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quarterbacks in the class of 2010

Contrary to some of the experts, offensive linemen are some of the hardest to evaluate, because of the level of competition that they play. Wide receivers may be next, but oh my are quarterbacks sometimes a pain.. I say that because so many college QB coaches look for different skills and abilities. For me, the ability to make plays, lead the team, and make good decisions are really important. Good feet more than arm strength. Anyway, my top QB's for the class of 2010.

Because of his highlight video and arm strength, Andrew Hendrix(Moeller) might be the best. Tough leader and can make the throws. Excellent size at 6'3-200. But has not be under the gun, yet. That would be a concern for me. Mark Myers(St Ignatius) is also a big(6'4) who like Hendrix did not get alot of reps last year. But he play alot as a sophomore. Like his toughness. Good pocket presence. Sees the field and makes good decisions. Luke Massa(St Xavier) showed promise as a 10th grader, but was injured. Injured again last year. Solid arm. Understands coverages. Good feet. Just has never been healthy. Needs to stay healthy. Caleb Watkins(Middletown) has taken some off field hits. Unfounded and untrue rumors still persist. Caleb is a true gunslinger. Tough. Makes plays with his strong arm. Good size at 6'3-210. Verlin Reed(Marion Franklin) continues to impress me. Fast, excellent vision, good feet. Like his decision making. Arm strength improving. Needs coached up some.

Jon Ballard(Austintown Fitch) has improved greatly, but must continue to convince evaluators that he can be a QB. Still learning QB position, but I like his ability to make plays. At least 6'2, with good feet. Arm getting stronger and can run or pass. The quiet, confident leader is Zach D'Orazio(Cuyahoga Heights). Only 6'1, but excellent vision to make plays. Not a cannon, but arm strength continues to improve. Natural leader and QB. Dwight Macon(Steubenville) probably is not a scholarship QB, but a scholarship football player. Reminds me a little of Troy Smith. Natural leader. Good kid. Does not quite have the arm strength, true speed, or size for my QB's, but he is such a likeable kid and leader. Spencer Ware(Princeton) in the right college program could be amazing. Has the cannon and can make plays. Runs well. Big play guy. Tough, tough competitor. Problem- evaluators want him to play either RB of DB. Not a natural RB. If not QB, may an OLB. Rob Partridge(Massillon) interest me. Sometimes too mechanical, but really like his QB abilites. Good leader. Smart. Tends to overthrow. Can throw touch pass deep ball. Could surprize talent scouts.

Time to move to another position. Tyler Brause(Bucyrus Wynford) has put up stats and is very athletic, but does not have top level passing skills. Tremendous kid. Excellent leader. Needs to move to TE to make use of size(6'4) and athleticism. Really liked Keith Wenning(Coldwater) as a QB his sophomore year. Still like him. Big and athletic. Tremendous baseball prospect. At the top level, he may have to move to TE, but may still be a QB. Alex Zordich(Cardinal Mooney) has worked very hard on his QB skills. Strong upper body and tough, smart kid. Donot like his release and technique. A very tough OLB on the next level. Dominique Brown(Winton Woods) is an excellent leader. Tough competitor. Good feet. Needs to really improve passing skills. A strong safety or OLB on next level, if his academics improve.

James Flowers(Padua)has been waiting in the wings and now is showtime. Big at 6'5-215. Strong arm. Needs to improve footwork. Liked him as junior. Needs to produce early. Curtis Watson(Bellevue) has put up big numbers for two years. Watched him play basketball. Throws darts. Smart. Simply cannot run. Like size at 6'3, but he cannot run well enough to play QB at scholarship level. Jay Bucher(Dayton Bellbrook) surprised me that he does not have more schools interested. Strong arm. Big frame. Does not run as well as I like, but makes plays. Better prospect than evaluators think.

Listed many QB's. Maybe too many. Omitted some that really, really need senior years. Braxton Miller(Wayne)(2011) is the "guy" in Ohio. Younger classes have some potentially really good ones.

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