Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dayton City 7on7

Last Thursday, I attended the Dayton City 7on7 passing showcase. I applaude the work that the football coaches in the city have done to improve the football there. The camp was very well run. The competition was really intense, but not to the point where unsportsmanlike conduct was called on every play. In fact, there was never an incident that was even close.

Alot of talent to evaluate. Some no-brainers, but most of the players just need a really good start the beginning of this coming season to play at the highest level. Joking with Trotwood's, Willie Ballard, I think that he has been around forever. Justin Favors, Trotwood's TE also looked good. Hard for me to start naming guys, because I always feel that I may have left someone out.

Probably the most valuable information for me was the "younger kids," or underclassmen. Again, too early and, only 7on7 competition, but I like RJ Williamson from Dunbar. Just something about his presence. Like Marcus Graham, Trotwood's junior QB. Needs to slow down and let the game "come to him," but will improve. Strong arm. Also liked Trotwood's WR MJ Jordan. Very thin, but is very acrobatic and can jump over the goal posts. Antwan Gilbert looked good on both sides of the ball. Must keep getting bigger and stronger, but Belmont's junior QB, Nate Henderson showed poise and leadership. Some 2012 guys also looked impressive, but way too early to get them exposure.

Good to see old friends like Bosie Milner and John Derr working with the kids and giving direction to the younger coaches. Dunbar's James Lacking continues to work building Dunbar's program. Also impressive was seeing the good, young black coaches giving back to programs. That is important to me, as I travel the state.

Finally, I am really glad that they did not have 7on7 contests and combines back in my coaching days. Of course, I would have been there coaching.

All in all, and for what it means, it was very rewarding to see the work and the comraderie among coaches and players at Dayton's 7on7 day last Thursday. Job well done.

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