Thursday, July 16, 2009

"My guys" the Class of 2010 Offensive Linemen

The OL position, as I have often said, is one of the tougher positions for me to evaluate. Of course, size and strength have to looked at, but "bench press strength" is over-rated. Feet, length, and natural instincts are really important. The toughness and quickness of the opposing DL guy is important. Every lineman has to have some _ _ _ _ _ in him.

Andrew Norwell(Anderson) to me, is simply the best. Tall, strong, and just nasty. Plays hurt and will flatout smack you. May have to work a little harder on pass blocking technique.

Matt James(St Xavier) also from Cincinnati has good feet, extends well, and has excellent size. Has been "dinged-up" some the last two years, so evaluators did not get to see the real him. Maybe improve his balance.

Dakota Anderson(Xenia)really has upside, but because he has played TE, and, of all things, quarterback, scouts have not been able to evaluate him as an OL. But he is a bender and has good feet. Needs to learn blocking skills as an OL guy, but blocked as a TE. He is 6'6 and adding weight. Like his potential.

Andrew Donnal(Anthony Wayne) Liked him from the start. Good feet and balance.Long and runs well. Watched him in hoops and like his balance. May not understand the work involved to play at the top level. Needs more of what Norwell has, and is some _ _ _ _ _. Will be fine.

Skyler Schofner(Big Walnut) - Really like size -6'6-300. Good feet. Strong. Bends and is an excellent drive blocker. Due to family situations ,has changed schools too much. Learn one system Needs to really concentrate on football. Potential is huge.

Simon Cuijanovic(Benedictine)Experts will say, "under radar guy." Growing and getting stronger. Really good feet. Toughness is evident. Smart. Just have a good feeling about him. Early games will tell. Just keeps getting bigger, stronger, and tougher.

Kevin Scholmer(Lakota West) is growing into his own, also. Really good feet. Long and good pass blocker. Needs to continue to increase strength. Like his potential, but need to see him dominate early.

Travis Jackson(DeSales) Runs well. Bends and is an excellent run blocker. Only 6'4 but can play guard. Like his feet and the fact that he is still growing. Instincts and feet caught my eye. Better pass blocker than given credit.

Clint Shepherd(Eaton) tough and works really hard. strong. good balance, but must improve flexibility. Really concerned about his not being a bender.Competitive desire should help overcome any weaknesses. Just a little stiff.

Clay Rolf(Eastwood) Have been somewhat "just okay" with Clay, but he has alot of potential. The frame to add weight. Tough. Athletic. Never played inside and down. Once he learns the skills with interior line(both sides)play, he should be really good. Frame and work ethic very evident.

Chris Pace(Avon Lake) Very tough and has the _ _ _ _ _. Not as tall as advertised. Possible center. Needs to improve balance and feet. Good strength. Work ethic will help overcome weaknesses.

Matt Rotheram(North Olmsted) Huge frame. Will get bigger. Solid feet. Needs to be a better bender and finish blocks. Long arms. Needs to develop his "punch" and overall explosiveness. Obvious size caught a lot of recruiters attention.

Jeff Meyers(Massillon)Needed to lose weight and did. Like his balance and run blocking. A little short, but speed and instincts make up for it. Short arms. Overall a "brawler," which is good. Needs to keep weight down. A sleeper.

Taylor Miller(Edgewood) Very athletic. Bends well. Excellent feet. Strength getting better. 6'5- 290. Really needs to play every down. Needs an "attitude to be the best." Simply needs to play harder. May be one of the most athletic linemen, but does not the _ _ _ _ _.

Logan Hauserman(Logan Elm) 6'7 basketball player. Good feet. Needs to get much, much stronger. The frame, the smarts, the athleticism to be really good. Just needs to get the "football conditioning" and strength need to be good. Like his potential alot, but really needs get football " toughness," to play at the highest level. Like him alot.

Isaiah Byler(Elyria)Re-did his body. Needs to continue to develop body. Good feet. Good work ethic. Needs to continue to develop blocking skills. Like the fact that he lost alot of weight and now is putting it back the right way. Needs to play well early to convince recruiters.

Bryant Ausperk(St Vincent-St Mary)Huge prospect who has worked really hard on body to get into playing weight. Good feet. Good athleticism for size. Over-powering run blocker. Maybe too big.

Mike Dennis(Carey) runs really well. Long arms. Good explosion. Trains hard, but competition is D-6. Like his movement. Concern about when the pads come on.

A lineman from St Charles did not want to send me video, so I cannot evaluate him. This happens sometimes, but he would not be in this group to begin with. Two or three other OL guys need to try to defense first. Of course, my tight end from Solon, Darryl Baldwin, will eventually be a college offensive lineman.

Offense finished. Of course, I missed some, but I could win with these guys.

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