Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ohio's 2010 Tight End class

For some the position of TE is a dying breed in today's spread offenses. More and more teams are making use of a FB to play as an H-Back. Some teams are just flexing a thinner TE to get him into pass plays. Howver, Ohio still puts out at at least 2or3top TE prospects and this year is no different.

Alex Welch(Elder) had a really good highlight video and is very solid. Like his toughness and 6'4-235 frame. Solid blocker. Good ball catching skills. Really like his athleticism after the catch. Big!!Will get his nose wet.

Alex Smith(Lakota West) also has the size 6'5 225 to go along with excellent pass catching skills. More of a long strider, but gets downfield okay. Also good after the catch. Will have to improve blocking toughness, but does have good base blocking skills. Big!! Needs to get his nose wet.

Branden Carozzoni(St Ignatius) maybe lacks some of the weight( 6'4-215) coaches want, but he is getting bigger and stronger. Gets downdield really well. Separates and finds open area. Excellent ball catching skills. Like his toughness. Excellent future.

Ty Farrell(Brunswick) is not getting media attention but he , much like Carozzoni, just needs to continue to get bigger and stronger( 6-4-210) to be a top rated TE. Love his toughness. Needs to fine tune ball catching skills. May be a DE, but like him at TE.

Darryl Baldwin is a DE, but plays some TE at Solon. Need to mention him at TE, but at the next level, might be better on the OL. Natural bender. Good speed and base. Do not know how athletic he is to play on the outside. All of 6'6-255. Also long.

Justin Favors(Trotwood Madison) has been starting for a long time. Really good ball catching skills. Sometimes plays the slot, but a true TE. Getting big, maybe too big. Blocks well enough.

Need to mention Dan Schneider(Avon Lake). Needs grow alittle. Some schools recruiting him as TE, but he maybe better suited on defense or get bigger and move to center. Good skills and moves well. Would not recruit him as a TE.

Really like the potential of Brandon Pedro (Massillon). Good size at 6'3-230), but really needs to improve speed. Also needs to improve TE skills and movement. For some reason, I was impressed last year and need to see him this summer. Has a chance.

Chase Hoobler(Orrville) is busting his tail at LB, but may move over to offense. Big at 6'3-220 and really like his toughness at LB. Just may lack that true quickness and playing speed to play DE. Tough football player.

Also like David Schneider(Moeller) but just does not have the sixe (6'1) to play TE on next level. Blocks well. Strong, with good ball skills. Gets downfield well, but just really short. Would possibly recruit him at another position.

Also mentioned under wide receivers, prospects who could come in play the tight end position. Really like the group of wideouts who could grow into tight ends.

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