Friday, May 2, 2014

Is Spring Football Near for High Schools?

       Last night at the Miami Valley Football Coaches College Night, I learned that Ohio high school football could be a little happier after the May 12 meeting of the Ohio High School Athletic Association's monthly meeting. Spring sports coaches in track, baseball, and lacrosse may not be quite as happy.
       Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer last month at the Ohio State Football Clinic expressed concern that the Ohio high school football coaches needed more instruction time to work with their football players in the off season.
       Recently, the OHSAA has allowed all sports to be able to instruct four players at one time. The OHSFCA's regional directors would like to have more players at one time. Maybe as many as seven.
       Last month, Urban Meyer met informally with Commissioner Dan Ross. On May 12, Coach Meyer is scheduled to meet the OHSAA Board. At that time, he will present his ideas.
       He is in favor of spring football and believes that high school coaches should be able to instruct their own  players in the off season. He  said at the clinic that since his son is going to be a freshman, he, also, has a personal concern.
       To me it would seem that 10 days in the spring would allow college coaches to better evaluate the high school players. Legally they could watch them work out and go through drills. Really the OL/DL could block each other.
       I am guessin ---  
        A.  Starting next year high schools will be allowed 10 days of instruction in late April and/or early May. Avoid the league and state tournaments for spring sports. College coaches would be on the road and would be able to evaluate. 
        B. They will wear helmets only.
        C. They will allowed to work with either 7 or 14 players at one time. This would allow offensive and defensive lines to work against each other. This would  allow for 7on7 competition.
        D. If a player runs track, play baseball, or lacrosse, he would have the option.
        E. Down the road. Unlimited how many players to work with.
                                       Shoulder pads will be worn.
                                       7 on 7 competition against another school or schools.
        F. Concern
                    Coach is both head coach in a spring sport and in football
                    Money and coach's stipend
                    Does a spring sport coach have the choice to release or not to release a player.

Jim Tressel was able convince the OHSAA to bring the state football championships to C-bus.  Does Urban Meyer have persuasion skills? Ha Ha! Hopefully something good  will come out of this and will benefit all players and all sports.

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