Monday, May 12, 2014

Ashland University's First Camp

       Sunday afternoon, I traveled to Ashland University to watch their first football camp. The "Rising Star Camp." Always fun to watch high school football players working to get better. Also, I always enjoy chatting with the Ashland coaching staff, as well as the high school coaches.
      As a guest at the camp, talking about players publically would not be my style. There were players from grades 9-12. Of course, the majority of prospects were upcoming seniors. Every drill that the prospects did, they will do all summer long. Great way to get better. And, yes, there were some prospects that needed to be evaluated.
       I often get asked about good "Quarterback Camps" for high school players, especially ones for the younger prospects. Naturally, I think that what we do at the Showcase, is as good as any. More individual attention, more reps, and no "over coaching." As far as private camps, to me, way to expensive for what you get. A guy in northeast Ohio charges at least $75 per hour. Really pricy. Rewards ??
       Ashland assistant football coach Tom Stacy will direct a youth QB camp at Ashland University for grades 5-8 on Tuesday, June 10. Coach Stacy works well with quarterbacks. Watching him work with QB's, his patience and knowledge always stands out. On Wednesday, June 18th, he will direct a Quarterback "Shotgun" Camp, at Tiffin Columbian High School in Tiffin, Ohio. Drills, skills, and fundamentals - all from the gun. Costs - $40. Contact Coach Stacy at 330.309.9880.
        As most people who read my blogs know, I really respect Division II football. With that being said, I want to mention All position camps at three very good D-2 programs.
         The University of Findlay will host an "Elite Prospect Camp on Monday, July 7. The camp is opened to grades 9-12. Registration begins at 5:00 and Camp starts at 6:00. This is an all positions camp. Campers will be working with not only the Oiler staff, but other collegiate coaches, as well. Email
        Ohio Dominican University will host a junior/senior camp on July 13. Registration is from 1:00-2:00. The Camp will run from 2:00-5:00. Position specific drills. Agility workouts. Speed instruction. Big man competition. One on one competition.
        Ashland University will hold an Offensive/Defensive Skills Camp on June 12. This camp is for QB-WR-RB-TE-LB-DB in grades 9-12. . On July 23, Ashland will hold a Big Man's Camp for grades 9-12. For more information go to
        As I always say, "big is not always better," especially for younger prospects. Plus, these three schools have played some good football in recent years.

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