Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congrats to Cody Latimer

       Over and over I repeat that being a 5star or a 4star rated football prospect is nice, but, too me, a highly overrated way to promote prospect. Over and over again, the size and/or the wins/loses of the college football program is often overrated. Getting a college football scholarship is important and getting better is important. Finding a coach and program who can make you better is the key.
      Every year, after the pro football draft, I research the success of the players with Ohio high school football backgrounds. First, check the first three rounds and then the last four rounds. Amazing how many Ohio players drafted who were not "4 or 5 Stars." Also, amazing is the number of players who did not play college ball at perennially top 20 programs, but get drafted in the first three rounds.
      As I glanced at the cover of the USA Today paper this morning, I thought that I recognized the name, Cody Latimer, who played football at Indiana University. After I arrived to my office, I checked the name and, sure enough, Cody was an Ohio guy, who played his high school football at Dayton Jefferson High School, west of Dayton. He went on to play football at Indiana University. Draft people talk about the surprising Cody Latimer.
     Ironically, Cody was more serious about basketball in high school. He was a very good basketball player. Big 6'2-200 wide receiver. In high school, just solid speed. Tremendous athlete. Excellent hands. Tough. Excellent ball catching ability. Raw talent. Rough as an "unmade bed."
     Now listed 6'2-215 and still raw and learning the nuances of the game. Tremendous body strength for a wide receiver. Improved 40 time - 4.4 or better. Pro Scouts like his combination of size, strength, catching ability and toughness.
     Stats wise - caught 72 balls for just over 1,000 yards. Against Illinois, he caught 11 balls for 189 yards and three TD's.
     I could not find any "star" ratings for Cody coming out of the small school Dayton Jefferson High School. According to Dave Berk, he was a 3-star, but at the time, Berk did not rate Ohio players. Berk would have done a better job.
     My point is that if you work hard and have some talent, do not worry about star ratings. Work and make yourself better. If you want to be a "part of, " of a top BCS school, and not get much playing time, but still enjoy being a "part of"  of a top BCS school, then commit to that school. Mid American schools and lower level conference schools can prepare you for the next level.
      Congrats to Dayton Jefferson's Cody Latimer. Regardless of draft results, he has done well. And to think, he was only a "three star." Over and over, I say, "If you are good enough, someone will find you." Over and over, I also say, "Big is not always better."

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