Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breck Turner - RB from Norwalk High School

     Since Bellevue High School is only about 45 minutes from home, I made the trip this morning to watch the field events and prelims at their invitational track meet. Due to having to wait for one and half hours for the finals, I came home to work outside on my four acres of land.
      Saw some players, especially from Fremont Ross and Bellevue. The "cat" that really impressed me the most was Breck Turner from Norwalk High School. Guessin 6'0-205, Breck is one of the top RB's in the Class of 2015. Also had watched him on the court, as Norwalk is a state champion on the basketball court. Since I do not pay much attention to stats or individual awards, I can not help much there.
       What I know is that he has excellent vision and has a good burst. Durable. Makes plays. On the basketball court, he was much the same way. In track, he runs anchor, a leg given to the fastest and most competitive runner of the four. But coming from Norwalk High School and, although Norwalk has a very good program, he will need to prove to top BCS schools that he can play at that level. Already has proven that to some mid-level majors.
       Talking to him for only a few minutes, we briefly talked of "offers." But he has six from the Mid- American Conference. We talked basketball. We talked track. We talked some football. Although he is a running back, I did warn him, I liked him as an OLB. (McCallister being McCallister). But Breck is a scholarship football player. To me, top RB's better have the total package. Schools recruit one RB and 4 LB's. Breck could line up on either side.
       Grades are good. 3.3GPA. 20 ACT. Told me that was the first time that he took it. Is going to retake the ACT to get a better score. I joked with him that I could name a few recruits who would take that 20 score in a heart-beat. His mother is a teacher. Of course, he probably does his homework every night.
        Above all else, I walked away really impressed with his persona. Articulate. Smart. He even used some words that, for some, might require a dictionary. Communicates well. Had nothing but praise for a freshman punter at Norwalk. Talked positive on every subject.
        I reminded him about the importance of getting into summer camps. Told him to both: 1- go to camps with different college coaches working the camps 2- go to camps that are seriously recruiting him and that he is serious about. Do not go to some camps just because they are top rated BCS schools. Waste of money for him, but not for them.
        Funny comment. When I reminded him that he needed exposure, because "Norwalk is not like "a Glenville," I got a quick response. His quick answer - " I can play with those guys." My quick answer - "I do not mean that. I mean that many college coaches stop at Glenville ever year. How many stop at Norwalk every year?" And, yes, I believe he would do well at "a Glenville."
       Before the recruiting sites call him "under the radar," he is not. On my radar and tonight he will be on more college list. The only reason that recruiting sites use that term is because they did not know about him.
       Talking with Breck Turner was refreshing for me. As Bill Belichick says, " I only know what I see." McCallister liked what he saw.

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