Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gavin Cupp - Another OL Guy in the Ohio Class of 2016

       Finding and evaluating high school football players is a never ending process. Case in point. I have over 350 college prospects in the Ohio Class of 2016. Today, I visited with a young man who could very well be one of the top offensive lineman in his Class of 2016 and was not on that list. But he is now.
       Two days ago I received a text from a college coach asking me if I knew anything about a lineman from Leipsic High School. The Leipsic Vikings play in a smaller school conference, primarily in Hancock County. My only answer was that he made 2nd team - Northwest District as a sophomore. He was listed at 6'5-275 and played for a school that has less than 100 boys enrolled.
       Gavin Cupp was a very pleasant surprise for me this morning. All of 6'5 and a slim 275. Tremendous attitude. Looked me straight in the eye as we talked. Shoulders square. Huge hands. Really believe he understands the early recruiting "crap." At least more than some. Understands the new eligibility changes. Believes that the most important criteria in choosing a college is " a good fit."
        Only looked at a little video and really need to see him in camp. Here is what I know. Really 6'5-275(maybe 6'6). Second team all league in baseball as a catcher. A 6'5-275 catcher. Very solid basketball player. Rolled an ankle in football, but played varsity basketball. Carrying a 2.4GPA but really wants to improve big time and will. Taking ACT this summer.
         Gavin's dad played football at the University of Findlay in the "Strahm Years." Also played for the Cincinnati Bengals as a replacement player, during the NFL strike. Dad understands the game to the point that he taught Gavin long snapping at an early age, just to give him an additional skill.
          Talking with his former head coach and, also with his principal, Larry Black, Gavin has a lot of support and is getting the right support from the right people. I warned him of the recruiting website media once his name gets out there. Of course, the recruiting stuff is a different animal. But Mr. Black is a seasoned educator and "gets it."
          Leipsic was not as much of a drive as Sciotoville Community School, but the results were the same. OLTyler Gerald (6'5-300) from Sciotoville Community School is drawing a lot attention and even has an offer from Ohio State. Kind of early, but that is not my worry. Gavin Cupp (6'5-275) will be getting attention soon. Is he Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State good? Don't know yet. Need to see more and see him with pads on. A definite scholarship guy.
          I do know that BCS schools are realizing that not every  major college prospect has to play for a Glenville, St Ignatius, or Moeller type program. Obviously, most do, but a Gerald or Cupp can make things exciting.
          " If you are good enough, someone will find you."

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