Tuesday, May 20, 2014

District Track Meets - Another Source of Evaluating

        District track meets will be held throughout Ohio this week. Next week regionals. The state meet will be run on June 6 and 7. A busy time for me, because I like to see as many athletes that I can. Being a former track coach and a licensed track official, it is also a time to renew acquaintances.
       Last Friday, I traveled to Centerville to watch GWOC conference track meet. Bad weather and a lot of teams made for less than ideal conditions to evaluate talent. Still watched some solid football players who participate in track.
        Good to see Troy High School's Alex Dalton now an Oklahoma Sooner. Known him since his sophomore year when he came to my combine. Three sport guy and have seen him play every sport. Like his power and quickness. Competes hard and shows toughness. The best thing for Alex is that he will be facing tough competition every play in practice and games.
       Miles Hibbler RB from Troy High School is fast. Stumbled out of the blocks, but collected himself and ran well. Short, but not small. Last year I liked his burst, balance, vision, and "5th gear speed." Believe that he is committed to Kent State.
        One to watch - Caleb Anthony - Class of 2016 from Centerville High School. First saw him play last year as a sophomore. Returned kicks and played some RB. Good size. Excellent athlete. Around 15.1 H H. Continues to get faster. Tremendous attitude. Carrying a 4.0GPA this term.
        One to watch - Chris Fobbs - Class of 2015. Getting bigger. A DB growing into an OLB. Fast. Liked his toughness last fall. Needs to get his "ducks in a row." Improve grades. Stay totally focused. Honestly, he has some issues, but he is one of those guys whom I believe has a chance to be good. Just something I like about him.
         One to watch - Ryan Lucas - Trotwood, Class of 2015. Fast and faster after catch. Like his quickness. Great attitude. Do not know what schools are in, but he needs to get into some camps to show his talents. Good prospect.
          One to watch - Robert Landers - Class of 2016 and plays OL/DL for Wayne High School. Powerful and explosive both in football and track. 58+ shot put guy. Shortness will hurt some. Guessin 6'1. Could be a center on the next level. Good balance and good feet. Tremendous work effort.
          Two to watch - Too early to talk much about the Motley twins from Centerville High School on the football field. Illyas and Xavior are in the Class of 2016 and will be good football players for the Elks. For now, both are excellent "20 foot" long jumpers, with good speed. As they grow, speed will increase, as well as overall strength.
          One to watch - Saalith Muhammad, a member of the Class of 2016, could develop into one of the finest athletes in this Class of 2016. Played QB at Springfield Shawnee last fall. Measured 6'2-205 at the MSROHIO Combine last March. Needs some fine tuning as a QB, but will get that from  Coach Chris Wallace this year. No one wants to hear this, but if not a QB, he would be a an excellent DB at the next level. That is at the highest level. McCallister being McCallister. Tremendous attitude.
         Apologize for not mentioning more prospects, cold and dampness, along with not doing my homework, made my trip short.
         Did get to visit with the new head football coach at Centerville High School, Rodney Roberts. Of course, he is excited about his new job. No, Luke Kennard is not transferring to Centerville.
         Talked with Dave Berk, the top football talent evaluator in Southwest Ohio. Berk is a football guy, so seeing him a track meet surprised me somewhat.
         Every trip is what I make of it. This was another worthwhile one.

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