Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two Top 2016 Prospects at Elder

       For three weeks I have been trying to get to a Cincinnati Elder basketball game. Weather, of course, a huge factor. Plus, getting to Elder High School is a job. Elder playing at Kettering Alter saved me much hassle. I believe that Elder has two of the most high profiled sophomores in Ohio. Just sophomores, but unlimited football potential.
      First- Good to see senior Devin Pike. Listed 6'5-230, I have watched him grow and mature as both a football player and a hoops guy. Strong, tough, and athletic. When he was young, thought maybe he would be a DE, but really like him at TE. Plays hard and competes hard. Good hands and gets into the seam well. Believe that he "flipped" and now is going to Wake Forest. With his potential to get bigger, he could play different positions, but he is a football player.
    OL Tommy Kraemer (2016) played junior varsity. My reason for arriving early just to sit through a j-v game. Listed 6'5-285, and is every bit of that. Runs okay for a big man, but gets up and down the court. Strong and handles his weight well. Competes hard. Solid feet. Needs to be a better knee bender. Needs to continue to work on quickness. A sophomore, but if he keeps working on quickness, bending and pass pro, he will be one of my top OL guys in his Class of 2016.
     Joe Schroer (2016) is a name to remember on Elder's football team. Another sophomore, but liked his athleticism and toughness last fall. He was sick and did not make the trip last Tuesday. WR Nick Hall (2016) started the last three games for Elder last fall. Listed 6'2-170. Played j-v basketball, but he is one I need to see next fall.
      Peyton Ramsey (2016), listed 6'3-180 (just under 6'3) started fro the varsity basketball team and contributed. Kind of an off-guard. Competes and plays smart. Liked his burst. Good quickness. Liked his basketball presence. But, Peyton will be one of the top three QB's in the Class of 2016. Watched him his first varsity game last fall. Football smart. Like his throwing motion. Good feet. Good balance. Can find the open receiver. Athletic. Enough speed to escape in the pocket. Carries a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. No show time for him. Just gets it done.
      Whether good or bad, Peyton's dad is long time Elder head football coach, Doug Ramsey. I say that to be humorous, because Coach Ramsey and I have a good relationship and he has my respect. By the time he graduates, Peyton will be a tough, disciplined, smart QB. Reminds me of Coach Mike Mauk's relationship with Ben and Maty.
      Usually, I would have covered players on both teams in one blog. Both Kettering Alter and Cincinnati Elder have very good college football prospects, who also play hoops. Both teams deserve their own space.

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