Thursday, February 13, 2014

Howe, Coleman, and Lemon - Solid 2015 Alter Guys

        The Alter - Elder game was a fast moving, aggressive basketball game, played by some excellent athletes. Players get up and down the court. Of course, I am always really interested in the football players playing hoops. Back in the day, I was an intramural star, but not quite fast enough to play organized ball, but I could shoot. Off the subject, back to football players.
        The first player who I saw was one of the prospects that I wanted to see play. Bad news. DL Kraig Howe (2015) is battling mono. If things go well, he will be back playing in March. Have liked him a long time. Excellent burst off LOS. Good bender. Finds the football. Needs to get better, but I like his change of direction. Listed 6'3-250. Has an offer from Northwestern. My concern is  as he gets bigger and heavier, will he be able to keep his quickness. Motor runs well.
        DB Nick Coleman (2015) impressed me last fall in a football uniform. Fast, excellent burst. Listed 6'0-160 and looks that tall. Good hips. Like the way he changes direction. Good stop and go moves. Ran the ball a lot last year, but looks to be a corner. Competes hard. Solid shooter with a basketball. Runs, runs, and runs.
        DE Dean Lemon (2015) is listed 6'4-225. Athletic. Gets up and down the court. Liked him last fall. Comes off the edge. Needs to keep getting stronger. Like his potential, but just as in football, he needs to be more aggressive at times. Of course, all "bigs" should be hammering the boards. Dean looks to be a really good kid, but needs to make his presence know at times. Good prospect.
        Watched the junior varsity game and liked sophomore Nick Balent. Listed 6'1-255 and moved well for a young big man. Liked his toughness. Only a sophomore. Have never seen him in football pads.

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