Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Lot of Subjects - No Content

This really sounds silly, but I have made many blog attempts this morning. But I could not get comfortable with any efforts. The subjects were about:      
      1. Not taking all, of the Five Star rankings seriously. It is a business. For the people rating the prospects, have they talked with each recruit personally, have they watched him workout in person, and have they only seen the prospect on a highlight video, which should be good? Very few have actually seen a prospect  in an actual game. Many use a college coach's opinion, or the schools top list. Do not worry about the accuracy of the "Five Star" list.
      2. Mel Kiper grading Seattle's draft last year a D-, and those same players just won the Super Bowl. Smile at Kiper's uneducated opinion.
      3. Comments made by colleges recruiting reporters on tomorrow's recruits. If a reporter says anything negative, do you think he or she will still be a college coach's pipeline to get inside information on a player that he is recruiting. Of course, the college coach gives the recruiting reporter some inside information that the coach has about a recruit. Yes, it goes on.
      4. The good and bad of "flipping." Very disappointed that a receiver in southwest Ohio "flipped" to go to a BCS school. But understand why an OL guy in northeast Ohio flipped from a BCS school in the Midwest to a mid-major. Can never quite figure why a BCS school did not offer a recruit three months ago, instead of offering him in January. Was the recruit a "B list" guy? Of course, I know the answer.
      5. The Nike combine next weekend in Massillon is probably a good experience, but do not worry too much about your results. It is February, and you have until June to impress the college coaches.
      6. Does a parent have to spend "too" much money on a college recruiting service? Next week at the Nike Combine, the National College Scouting Association or NCSA will market you to death. A huge network with a major marketing network. Be aware of the cost.
      7. Do not  panic just yet about the OHSAA's Rule Ohio Sports Regulation 7.8. Hopefully there may be some changes made.
      8. Are the best college football recruiters always from the more high profiled college programs? Can a recruiter at a "Mid-major, or a MAC level school be a better recruiter and evaluator than say a coach at Notre Dame or Penn State? Of course.
      9. The MSROHIO Developmental Combine is a good learning experience, plus a player's name will go out there to college coaches the right way. Our 40 yards is actually 40 yards and not 37 yards. We do things the honest and right way.
     10. My good friend Mike Mauk, former head football coach at Kenton High School is in the process of retiring from Ohio public schools and moving to Missouri. At Springfield, Missouri he will be the new head football coach at one of the schools. He will two hours from the University of Missouri, where Maty is a quarterback. Better yet, he will be 15 minutes from his grandson.
       Like I said, I just could not do justice on any of these subjects. More about some players tomorrow.
      Always fun for me to meet and work with high school football players. Something that I truly enjoy. Every year, signing date is always exciting, because it is a new beginning for so many young people. Although I do not watch as many college games as I should, watching Ohio players play college ball is enjoyable.
       The very best to all of the Ohio high school football players who sign "letters of intent" tomorrow. Football will become a business, but at the same time, it is still just a game and have fun.

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