Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tyler Gerald - Good Old Southern Boy

       In a few minutes, I am going to Dayton, more specifically Kettering Alter High School some highly rated football players play basketball. Cincinnati Elder is making the trip to Alter. Everybody knows where Dayton is located, and can probably guess where Kettering is located. But, how many people can find Sciotoville Community School? Clue - this school used to be Portsmouth East High School.
      Last Saturday night I watched Portsmouth Clay take on Sciotoville. Clay does not have football and Sciotoville averages about 40 players, grades 9-12. Of course. many of the students play both basketball and football. A blind squirrel can find players at Glenville, Moeller, or Steubenville. A school with  40 players???
      The player that I wanted to see is Tyler Gerald. Listed 6'5-295 and a member of the Class of 2016, he will be on everybody's list, before too long. If not, colleges are making a mistake. His name was mentioned to me a few months ago. Video looked good. Really glad that I made the trip. Colleges should not be skeptical of doing their homework on him.
      Runs pretty well, but his quickness on the floor impresses me. He uses his body well. Good balance. On the football video, I liked his explosion. A solid bender. Gets out and leads well. Needs to improve pass blocking technique, but almost every linemen in Ohio needs to improve that area. Probably the most interesting point is that he has only played competitive basketball for two years, but has picked up the sport.  Really has a nice shot.
      After the first half I told his football coach that I liked him, but I would like to see him move more laterally. Underneath in 2-3 zone, makes it easy for a big man. Also, in my mind,. I wished he would be a little more aggressive and show just a little more effort. I mean, Tyler is a big, strong cat and competitive. But I thought that he was a prospect.
       I always like to watch prospects, in both football and basketball play a few minutes at the beginning of the second half. Glad I did that night. Tyler was a different animal. Drove the basket, made shots, and played aggressive defense. Good burst up the court. Moved well. All this, with his team down 20.
       As he continues to improve his quickness and overall agility, Tyler continue to get better and better ratings. A definite Division 1 prospect now. If he gets lazy, or listens to all of the "noise" that is to come, then I worry.
       A another name to watch is freshman, Akia Brown. An RB/DB, Akia has excellent quickness and jumping ability. Starts on the varsity. Just a freshman, but I liked his presence. His father played at Portsmouth High School and in college. One to watch.
       Without going into details, I respect what Tyler Gerald is doing both off and on the playing field. Carries a 3.5+ and was really good to talk with for just a few minutes.
        The trip was worthwhile, but what a "speed trap" on 23. Watched my first ever winter homecoming at Clay High School.


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