Monday, August 5, 2013

Thanks "Eaglefan" from Yappi

       Sometimes I really believe that the Ohio High School Athletic Association reads my mind. Every time they do something that benefits me, they find out and then change that benefit. Really it is one guy who seems to be anti-McCallister.
       Two years ago they came out with a rule that people representing football scouting services could not be on the sidelines during the high school playoff games. I guess applies to recruiting services, too, but for some reason only scouting services were mentioned in the guild line notebook. I appealed, but no good. One recruiting service advertises that they are the number one recruiting service in Ohio. They were on the sidelines. Ironically, I may have the only true scouting service in Ohio. But I got over it.
       For the past three years, The OHSAA has had an excellent high school football format. Easy to use and provided a lot of information. Every school and the dates and times. This year that has changed. Now to find the schedule, you have to go to the school's sight. Every sport is listed on a calendar format. Really nice for the individual school, but not for people like me who are looking for a complete, easy to get to, schedule.
       Along comes Yappi, a site that has news, scores, and a forum to bring sports information to fans. The site concentrates on Ohio. JJHuddle used to have the same format, but I think that they have changed somewhat. I do not really visit either site. Too much negativism. Anyway, a friend told me to checkout Yappi for the complete high school football schedule. Some guy has posted the complete schedule.
       Hats off to "eagle fan." You saved the day. If anyone is interested in a complete Ohio High School football schedule, check it out. Well done. He may have stolen it from someone else, but who cares, the information is there. Thank you "eagle man."
       One other tidbit about Yappi. Months ago posed a question about the credibility of the McCallister Scouting Report. He wanted to know what readers thought of the service. WOW. The same friend told me that people were nice. I really do not need forums to attest to my ability.
       The schedule is really helpful. Heading to the Crosstown Showdown in Cincinnati the first week. Week two, Glenoak @Massillon, St Ignatius @Mentor, and Cleveland JFK @ Shaker Heights.

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