Friday, August 9, 2013

Some QB's in the Ohio Class of 2015

        As of right now, there are no "top-top" QB prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015. Now that is not a negative, just the way I see it. The easiest positions to evaluate in shorts/t-shirts are probably QB's and WR's. Watched Wooster's Cameron Daugherty yesterday. Tomorrow we will be in Columbus to watch Upper Arlington's Kyle Kaparos . Worthington Kilbourne's junior QB Griffin Dahn was one of my campers, so I will stop to see him.
        Wooster's Cameron Daugherty is listed 6'5-210. First saw him at my combine last spring. Pure drop back QB. Excellent baseball prospect, also. Plays either shortstop or third base. Just getting some of those baseball  throwing mechanics eliminated. Like his feet. Will need to improve escapability in the pocket. Needs to get his release point higher. Can spin-it at times.Stands tall. Needs to make use of his left arm to open his hips. Early for Cameron, but he will be one to watch later in the season.
       Really liked what I saw of QB Griffin Dahn from Worthington Kilbourne. At least 6'3-195 and maybe a little bigger. Like the way he sets his feet and shifts his weight. Like his release and follow thru. Soft touch. Can make the throws. Really needs to get physically stronger, but should be able to do that. Need to see him in live competition and in a game a Friday night. Surprised me with his throwing technique. Like him.
       Another camp guy was QB Kyle Kaparos, a junior from Upper Arlington. Needs to work on technique. Really athletic, needs to learn to set his feet. Good velocity, but he needs to work on throwing motion. Think once he slows the game down, he should be fine. Needs reps.
       Also at Upper Arlington's practice, I was able to watch senior Noah Spielman. Played some center and some DL. With no pads, his strengths were limited. Quick feet. Good base. Good punch. As most college recruiters agree, shortness will hurt him some. But he is a football player. Not so sure that he could be an under sized center. Natural short snapper.
       Drove down to Urbana High School to watch QB Nathan Mays last night. Nathan is in the Class of 2015. Did not see him throw a lot, but like his throwing motion. Good feet. Good quickness. Like most QB's, he needs to continue to get overall stronger. Looking forward to watching game video.
        Joe Burrows from the Plains Athens and Mitchell Guadagni from Hudson are two QB's in the Ohio Class of 2015 that I will see play early in the season. Really like both of these prospects. Really liked the improved footwork of Walsh's Pat Ford and am looking forward to seeing him this fall.
        Obviously, there bare many more QB's out there. At some of the bigger schools, some QB's do not get a chance to start until they are seniors. As the season rolls along, some will surface. The above are just some of the ones who I have seen early in camp.

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