Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watkins Memorial HS - OL Kyle Hickin

      New technology. Three summers ago, I was told by a college  "video guy" that guys like me were going to be taken over in the video business.  Modern video systems like Hudl were going to take over. Soon after, I backed way down on my video work. The video guy was right.
      Today, I received a text from the head coach at Watkins Memorial High School, Jeff Severino. I had asked him about an offensive lineman for Watkins Memorial. In his text was the player's name, size, GPA, and a few comments. After getting the text, I googled him and found a players profile, along with a highlight film. Within 35 minutes, I was able to evaluate a player whom I only "just knew about."
       Kyle Hickin (2014) plays offensive tackle for Watkins Memorial. Carries a 3.0 GPA and scored a 26 on the ACT. Kyle is very well diversified student. Not only is he a big offensive tackle, but takes singing in the choir very seriously. At 6'6-285, he can sing wherever he pleases.
      Off of his video, I like the way he runs. Really athletic. Can block on second level. His feet are his strength. Needs to continue to get stronger. Needs to be a much better bender. Stays with a defender whichever way he turns. Stays on his feet. Needs a better first step. Like the way he can mirror a defender. Also plays some defense. Actually plays pad-under-pad on defense.
      Like his potential. Enough that I need to see him play in person, so I will be making a trip to Watkins Memorial High School to check him out.
      I do not know for sure what Scouting Ohio is doing now, but I know that Hudl is good. In the past, Scouting Ohio, with some solid financial backing, has really done well putting video out there. Hudl has video available on the spot. Plus a player can make his own highlight video. From what I hear, it is an expensive investment for a high school football program. Although pricey, it makes recruiting a lot easier for coaches at both the high school coach, as well as, the college recruiter.
      Just yesterday, I received an email from a player from Galion High School who had plays from his first scrimmage available to me. Just think, I remember when high school coaches shot "Super Eight" and moved on to 16 millimeter. Sitting around waiting for your tape to get developed at 3AM
was always fun.
      Back to Kyle Hickin. Looking forward to watching him in person. Seniors fall through the cracks all of the time.

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