Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet Heath Reineke - Ashland HS DE

       By the nature of what I do for the colleges, I do not really evaluate seniors, or as in this case, Ohio 2014 prospects. For the most part, most of these prospects have been thoroughly evaluated and many have "offers." Most of my work now is on the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Classes. I do, however, watch seniors that I like, but are not getting a lot of "love" from college recruiters. I evaluate them because they may be "slipping through the cracks."Such is the case with Ashland High School senior DE Heath Reineke.
       The first time I saw him was at the Cleveland Brown's combine last February. A little skinny, but he could really come off the edge. Motor was in full speed mode in every drill. Needed to work on change of direction and get stronger, but he could really run. Liked his hip rotation. Liked the way he competed. During the individual drills, he was aggressive. Thought that he had a chance.
      Last Thursday I went to North Canton Hoover to watch Ty Green and him scrimmage. OL/DL Ty Green was another Ashland guy who I wanted to see. He was also at the Browns combine. Ty needs to really work on quickness and being a better bender, but he is really strong. Most of my attention was directed toward Heath. He did not let me down.
      Heath is listed 6'3-225 and has that "old" A J Hawk look with the hair. Actually looks intimidating coming off the edge. Puts his hand down and flies. That is also something he needs to work on - discipline. Needs to use his hands better and keep his eyes open. Like his takeoff. Can run through garbage and run down QB from behind.
      This year he is also dropping into an OLB position. Can also blitz and apply pressure. Needs to improve change of direction. Physicality is no problem. Needs to learn to play in space.
      Although he has the "wild" look, he carries a 4.0 in the classroom. I know that he has an offer from Toledo, but I do not know for sure that he has committed to them.
      Just the first scrimmage and I will probably not see him again this fall. I really like his potential. Last year, he was honorable mention all conference. Hard off season work has paid off. This year more honors should come his way.

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