Friday, June 21, 2013

The Ohio-Michigan Border Classic High School Allstar Game

      Today, the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association's regional directors will give final approval for the first ever Ohio-Michigan Border Classic Allstar football game to be played next year.
      The game will be played on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at Donnell Stadium in Findlay, Ohio. Each team will consist of  forty players and six coaches. The selection process will be much the same as Ohio coaches used in selecting players for the former Big 33.
      Preparation has been going on for almost six months to make this new high school allstar football game between Ohio and Michigan possible. Representatives from both Ohio and Michigan, from day one, have emphasized that this game is to build relationships with coaches and players from both states. No "Border Battle, no "war,' and no "UM-OSU" Rivalary talk. The game will be hard fought and competitive.
      There will be a press release in early July with more details about the Ohio Michigan Border Classic. I have been fortunate to be working on this game and am putting this blog entry out to make sure readers get the correct information.

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