Sunday, June 23, 2013

Charles Holland (Who) - Columbus West (Where)

       Yesterday at the OHSFCA State 7on7 Championships, a former coach at both the high school and the college level walked up to me about half way through the day and asked me if I knew Charles Holland. Of course, I answered, "yes." Charles Holland is an under-rated wide receiver for the Columbus West football team and who could one of the best WR's in the 2014 Ohio Class.
       I went on to say that I first watched him at the Kenton 7on7 tournament two years ago, when he was a sophomore, and at that time, I really liked his potential. The only thing that I questioned was his motivation to work hard on every play. But he could catch anything at his wide receiver position.
      This former coach who also has worked on very high level college football programs thought that he was one of the top players in the tournament yesterday. Charles to him was a "wow." He went on to make some comparisons to some of the other WR's in Ohio over the years. I respect this coach's ability to evaluate, but he acted like he had discovered a diamond in the rough.
       The problem is that I have been pushing this 6'3-185 wide receiver for two years. Maybe it is his laziness, maybe his grades are borderline, and maybe he has not had the chance to get into camps. But, I have seen major colleges take prospects with worse attitudes and worse academics, but less ability than Charles Holland. Chris Carter's son was a prime example. Great skills, but no work ethic.
      My contention has always been that many college coaches can not project what a player can be long term. Coaches read the Rivals list and that is it. Also, coaches get caught up in the "star" silliness. Charles Holland is not a "five star." Who else is recruiting him? I hear that alot. It does not matter. Finally, I really believe that if Charles was at a school like Glenville, Trotwood, Wayne, or even a private school, everybody would have evaluated him, or at least checked him out. Look what happened to the DB from Thomas Worthington High School last year. He wore glasses and was a polite kid, but he could run and would try to "smack" you. He got playing time as a freshman at West Virginia last fall, was not highly recruited hius senior year. If he were at Glenville, different story.
       "Offers" are a joke anyway, but Charles has no offers. Kentucky is offering everybody. One school offered my mother, but her arthritis eliminated her. Of course, if one school offers, many wuill follow. If Michigan offers, he will become a "four star."
         I talked with Charles, yesterday. At first, he acted like I had big time bad breath. You know the look away treatment, like I am wasting his time. Maybe I was, or maybe he was wasting mine. I told him that his lack of enthusiam stunk, that his motivation was poor at times, but that he was the best receiver in Central Ohio. He made some outstanding catches yesterday.
        I do not know if anything that I said will register with Charles. Afterall, I am just some 64 years old man trying to make kids better. Charles is going to do what Charles is going to do. But I realyl hope that it does.
       More importantly, I wish colleges would do a better job of finding the "one star," who has tremendous potential. Charles Holland might be one of those propects.

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Cornelius Walker said...

I really hope Charles breaks out this year. He is also a good basketball player. He lead central ohio in scoring or was in the top 5. I think he would fit in well at Michigan.