Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Arin Pruitt - RB - Brookside High School

        As I travel around the state, I really look forward to watching football players do their thing. Doing their thing could be playing in games during the season, running track, playing hoops, or competing at  college or private camps in the summer. Time consuming, but time well spent.
       Also I would tell you, at times there are not a ton of D-1 potential players at the college or private camps. Parents and prospects think they are D-1 guys, but sometimes they are not. O-State had over 800 campers at their senior camp last week, and I wonder how many D-1 campers (no-brainers) were in camp.
       Last weekend I attended Lauren's First and Goal Camp in Westerville. A coach pointed out a RB to me, and I watched him for awhile. In shorts/t-shirts, who knows? Not great speed, but ran well enough. Competed well. Liked his attitude. Watched his highlight video earlier in the week. Really liked the way he played on video. Need to see him play early this fall for real.
      As I often do, I like to chat with parents. Honestly, if a scout knows what to look for and what questions to ask, he can alot from parents. Both good and bad. His mother seems to have it sorted out. Spent about ten minutes telling me about her son. From my head football coaching days, I still keep a fine line between parents and me. Works much better that way. His mother followed up with an email with more information. I appreciate her interest in making her son better and listening to my ideas.
      Meet Arin Pruitt. (No relation to the Pruitts of Cleveland Browns fame.)
      During his sophomore year Arin played linebacker and running back at Brookside High School in Lorain County. Played well and received some recognition for his talents. Listed 5'8-190, he ran inside the tackles well. Feet always moving. Good vision. Some burst. Did not have top end speed, but had game speed. Tough after first contact. Video was okay, but competition was not as good as it needs to be.
       Last year as a junior Arin played for Manatee, Florida and in a very tough Division 1 conference. Tough football. Arin started at ILB, at 5'9-190. Liked his highlight video. Runs downhill and finds the football. Drops into coverage. Needs to play alittle faster and change direction better. But his motor runs all of the time. Best of all, he finishes plays. Plus competition was excellent.
       This summer, Arin has moved back to Lorain County, and he will again play both ways for Brookside High School. Should be exciting for him, but he must dominate the games. Not in a selfish way, but in a competitive way. By that he must make plays all of the time, and play hard every down. The first three games are important for him.
       Can he play Mid American Conference or better. Don't know, because I need to see more. Do know that the colleges know about him and will be watching. His junior video at Manatee HS should get coaches' attention. If he maintains his weight and can improve speed (some), he has a chance to be a Division 1 recruit. Actually, I looking forward to seeing him in pads and will say more in September.
       I would have never seen him in person, if I had not been to Lauren's First and Goal Camp. I would not have met his mother. I would not have heard his story.  Of course, I went to the Camp  to support pediatric brain cancer research. Watching all levels of talent and all ages compete is always good. But exposing readers to Lauren's Camp is even better.
       I have told readers before to see the movie "Trouble with the Curve." Great movie. A football scout needs to be like Clint Eastwood's character. Beat the bushes and watch talent in person.

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