Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lauren's First and Goal Camp - More than Drills

       As I did last year, I spent some time last Saturday at Lauren's First and Goal football camp held at Otterbein University. Evaluating high school football players is what I do, but both this last year and this year is more than that to me.
       The beauty of this camp is that college coaches are donating their time to teach football to high school football players. Of course, they do some evaluating, but as I watched, they were more into instructing, than evaluating. No screaming. No sarcasm. No attitudes. Just, young (and old) college football coaches doing their thing - teaching the great sport of football.
       Players of all age groups. Players of all skill levels. Players from a variety of backgrounds. Players from other states, not just Ohio. Best of all, players were busting their donkey in every drill, while still encouraging each other. In the heat, both coaches and players were spending a day to get better. Coaches - better instructors. Players - better football players.
        Do not know how many potential Division 1 players were in attendance. Too early to tell about some. For me this was a time to watch drills and watch players work. Also was able to talk with some of the campers. This early in scouting, just talking with prospects is huge.
        Lauren's First and Goal is a non-profit organization started in 2004 by John and Marianne Loose in honor of their daughter Lauren who is a 16 year old pediatric brain tumor survivor. Since its beginnings, LFG has raised more than one million dollars toward its misson to provide financial support for brain tumor research and cancer services. LFG also offers financial support and emotional support to families living with pediatric cancer. For me, LFG has increased my awareness of the disease.
       The registration fee is 30 dollars. Any donations above that are accepted. All proceeds benefit Pediatric Tumor Research and Cancer Services.
       Next year the camp should again be in Westerville and close to this date. Often the problem is there are so many college football camps for players, and many are "camp tired." Yesterday. the OHSFCA State 7on7 was being played in neighboring Dublin Coffman. Hard to find an open date.
      Next April, I would start checking their website. Regardless if you consider yourself a college football prospect or not, the Lauren's First and Goal will help you "get better." Plus the money is not helping to support a college football program. All proceeds help the program to fight Pediatric Cancer. From personal experience, anything that battles cancer of any form, I am in. See you next year.


irishmick3015 said...'re exactly awesome camp for a great cause. A tremendous amount of coaching and an equal amount of learning going on. Hats off to John, Marianne, Lauren Loose and all the college coaches for giving their time and talents to this worthy cause.

JOHN - you need a Twitter handle my man!

irishmick3015 said...

John....You're exactly right. A great camp for a great cause. A lot of teaching and a lot of learning going on all day long. Hats off to John, Marianne, Lauren Loose and the college coaches for giving of their time and talents to this worthy cause.