Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday-Saturday - Lots of High School Football

      Alot of "things" going on today for me today and tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio. Alway fun to travel down SR23 to C-bus. Have to stop at the McD's in Delaware. Service is slow sometimes, and how slow can it be, when I only get coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel? Next stop D-1 Training Center to visit with my top assistant, Charles Gresham.
     Today, I am going to visit the Senior Camp at Ohio State. Was not going to, but changed my mind.  Need to be in Columbus for the Hall of Fame recognition dinner tonight, so why not stop at Ohio State University to watch high school players from all over show their "stuff."
     Many high school football players will be going through drills with the hopes of getting "noticed." The Ohio State coaches, obviously, know who they really want to see again. For some prospects, this is a very important time. They have been told that they will get a "solid offer," if they perform well at this camp today. Up until this time, the some early offers were considered "soft," or "conditional," based on how will they perform today at this camp. Now, if a coach tells you after this camp to "keep working hard in the first three games this fall," you might be in trouble. For me, I want to see underclassmen. Plain and simple. Underclassmen should be not be in this camp, but they will be.
      Also, today, many coaches from the Mid-American Conference, and other schools in Ohio will get a chance to evaluate players. This idea was instituted by former head coach, Jim Tressel. I applaude it, but with the numbers situation and recruiting getting more aggressive, I believe the format will change next year. In fact, I can see other changes made in the summer camp program at O-State.
      Also need to stop at the Ohio High School Football Coaches regional directors meeting at the Hilton. I am privy to sit in these meetings. My part is to answer any questions regarding recruiting. Plus, I can give my "two cents," on any discussion. Sometimes "two cents" is a stretch. Really, attending these meetings keeps me up on my relationships with the Ohio high school football coaches.
      Tomorrow morning will be attending a football camp at Otterbein called the Lauren's First and Goal Camp. I attended last year and there were over 250 players in attendance. Another chance to see players and build relationships. All proceeds go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research & Center Service. Volunteer coaches from D-1. D-2, and D-3 schools are in attendance.
      Later in the morning, I will be traveling to Dublin Coffman to watch teams in the State 7on7 Championships. Something like 36 high schools from Ohio will be represented. Alot of talent and tough competition. This tournament is now considered a National Select 7on7 Qualifier . Do not know much about that. Of course, some high profile recruits will be playing in the tournament.
     When I get back to Upper Sandusky, my plans are to hug my 16 month old female lab Hunter. Following that I plan to see "Man of Steel," with my friend Tina. Should be a good two days, with plenty of high school football.

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