Monday, April 1, 2013

MSR and What's Ahead

        Combines are over. A huge success for our program. Easter Sunday is over. I will say that spending a day with my family(especially the grandbabies) far out weighs spending a day working on the McCallister Scouting Report. Taking my 87 mother and my 85 year old mother-in-law round trip to Hilliard can test the patience alittle.
        Last Friday I began to highlight some of the better efforts of the three combines that we held during March. Today, I shut it down. Too many names and too many chances to miss someone. All of the test results are available. We had some really good efforts during testing. Good efforts from all three Classes in Ohio, in fact.
       In the next two weeks, I will be emailing the colleges a list of prospects in the Class of 2014 and 2015. Sometime after that I will post a list of the Ohio Class of 2014 prospects with  comments. The format will be much the same as last year.
       As I have already announced, the MSROHIO Underclassman Showcase will be held at Thomas Worthington High School (near Columbus) on Sunday, June 9th. The information and registration form will on my website at the end of the week. This is not a combine. Only the 40 and pro shuttle. The camp will be run just like the college one day camps. Campers must bring a helmet.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of College Recruiting

      Over the last three years, I have spoken to different groups about the high school football recruiting process. Usually, I speak to both the players and parents at their high school. Players from other schools are welcome to attend.
       The power-point presentation usually lasts for 45 minutes. Although I answer questions during the presentation, there is a question/answer period after the presentation. I stay until all of the questions are answered. Parents, coaches, and players can ask questions on any phase of recruiting.
       As you can guess, my talks are to the point and focus on the realities of high school football recruiting, including camps, recruiting services, recruiting reporters, and the noise that is out there.
       If someone is interested in having me come to their school or area to speak on high school football recruiting, please contact me by email or phone for more information. I do not market this part of the service as much as other parts of the McCallister Scouting Report. However, I do enjoy the chance to talk about high school football recruiting, as well as the chance to meet parents.

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