Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Football Players in Track

       After the Ohio High School Football Coaches Regional Directors meeting last Friday, I  walked over to the Edwin Moses Relays at Welcome Stadium . On Saturday, I drove to Cleveland Heights to watch another invitational. Without programs at either place, finding football players was a little hectic, but I was able to watch some. Missed the North/South Allstar games, but watching football prospects is really enjoyable.
Edwin Moses Relays
       The first time that I have seen DLTito Odenigbo, Centerville's OL/DL guy. Put the shot over 47 feet. The nice thing about him is that he will continue to grow and get stronger. Like his balance.         
       Troy's RB Miles Hibbler (2014) long jumped. high jumped, and ran on the relays. Excellent explosion. Not as fast as I thought he might be, but strong, powerful runner.
       Trotwood's DB Reon Dawson (2103) ran on two relays and looked strong. Believe that he was under-rated last season. If he keeps working hard and stays focused, he will be an excellent shut down corner. Think that he is a Michigan commit. Long and has good hips. Like his recovery speed.  
       One to watch is Toledo Whitmer's WR Chris Boykin (2014). Actually have watched him as a wideout, play varsity basketball, and now run and jump with the track team. Needs to get physically stronger. Like his speed and his WR swagger.
      WR Thaddeus Snodgrass (2013) from Springfield looked strong. When Thaddeus was a sophomore at my Showcase, he was a "WOW guy." Ran fast, caught the ball well, and could separate. Since that time he has overrated himself, has listen to too much "noise," from the recruiting reporters, and let the recruiting process hurt him. I do believe that if he ever gets focused he could be very good.
      Spent sometime talking with DL Kenny Coleman (2014). Last year Kenny played DL for Dublin Scioto at about 6'3-215. Over the winter, he has moved to Northmont High School to spend his senior year living with his dad. Also he now weighs 245. Northmont is a stop on almost every recruiter's map. Class act. As he continues to grow, he has a chance to be an excellent "DL guy." An OLB would be a long shot. Also enjoyed talking with dad, former O-State football player, Kenny senior. Another class act.
       Sophomore Eric Cospy from Trotwood looked good with the shot put. Also did well at my combine last March. Another T-M guy was RB Ashton Jackson (2014). Runs well. Needs to have a breakout year his senior year.
      Spent some time talking with Springfield LB DeVonte James (2014). 6'3 frame and like him as an LB. Actually first saw him play football as a sophomore. Needs to be more consistent this fall. Really like him, but hope that he develops a stronger LB mentality.
       During the winter I did a blog on Lovell Peterson, football/track guy from Wayne High School. At this meet, he throw the discus 184 feet. Not bad. Throwing in college was a good decision for him.
       I have missed some guys, I know. Do know Trotwood has some fast guys. Speaking od the "Wood," I talked with Coach Maurice Douglas. "Mo," along with being the head football coach at T-M, is now the head boys track coach.

Cleveland Heights Track
      Saturday, drove to Cleveland Heights to watch their invitational. Again, no programs, but found some "guys." If I were evaluating girls track performers, it would have been a "money" day. Heights and the Cleveland schools have excellent track performers. Did see some football players on the track.
      A sleeper in the 2014 Class. As a sophomore RB, I really liked the potential of Cleveland JFK's Ronald Jefferson. Strong, quick burst, and confident. Maybe too much at times. Last year a knee injury forced him to miss his junior year. Last Friday, he was cleared, after having ACL surgery last fall. Probably 6'1-220. Needs to prove that he can pick up where he left off, but think that he will. Will need to get faster and train hard. With no technique, he put the shot 41 feet. Real confident, but has done anything to earn that yet.
      Remember the name Kavontae Woods from Akron Buchtel. Last fall watched him play OLB as a sophomore. Probably 6'3-225. Liked him on the football field. Last Saturday tossed shot 49 feet and discus 146 feet. Not finished growing. Could be very good.
     Another sophomore - Marquise Lewis from Glenville. Probably 6'3-240. Played DE last year. All strength - no technique. Big frame. Excellent attitude. Moves well. Good balance.
     A top rated football recruit for me last fall, with a low rated attitude. Cleveland Heights WR/DB Shelton Gibson (2013) ran strong. Fast enough, with natural ability. Reminds me of a WR/DB who played at Glenville a few years back, but I believe he got lost in the crowd. Hope this does not happen to Gibson. His choice to get better, not mine.
      Glenville's Singleton Grant (2013) anchored the 4X100. Fast and actually will be getting faster by the end of the season. Like his frame.
      Akron Buchtel's Chris Davis (2014) ran the sprints. Plays QB at Buchtel. Undersized at QB, but really like his leadership skills. Really athletic. Looking forward to watching him this fall. Solid speed, but not a burner.
       The head football coach at Heights has always been good to me, but he "dances to a different drummer." Good coach, but we differ in coaching philosophies. However, Athletics Director Kristin Hughes does an excellent job promoting her athletes. Also, does an excellent job running the athletic program. As with any good athletics director, she must live at the school on some days.

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