Monday, April 15, 2013

Chris Fields - Congrats

       Really want to applaude the work and growth of wide receiver, Chris Fields of Ohio State. I read in the Dispatch that Urban Meyer named him a starter going into to fall ball. I have not seen him play personally, but going on what Meyer said he has been more consistent and has put out tremendous effort.
      Coming out of Painesville Harvey High School, I thought Chris Fields was a stretch for Ohio State. Not great size, okay speed, and, for me, was not a "WOW" guy. Always felt there were other reasons for him becoming a Buckeye. Coach Tressel liked him and things have worked out well.
      Chris has worked hard on all areas of his game. Since I saw only two practices, I can only go on the coaching staff's comments. More importantly, I bet that he has matured much away from football. For me, to see a player prove me wrong is good.
      Although he is senior, the light has really come on for Chris. For me, that is huge. Improving as a person, (although this sounds silly) is as important  as improving as a football player. They both go hand in hand.
      Congrats to Chris Fields. His hard work and patience has paid big dividends! He should be a model for high school players of what hard work and determination can do.

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