Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MSROHIO Underclassman Showcase Announced

       For two years we ran an Underclassman Showcase at Dublin Scioto High School in the month of June. Really successful and, I believe, we had roughly 175 campers who were just finishing either their freshman or sophomore years in high school. Of course, just players were only from Ohio.
      Last year, I had this brilliant idea to go to three different areas of Ohio with the camp in order to reach more young players. For numerous reasons this idea did not work. At least it did not work to my satisfaction. This year, back to one camp.
      On Sunday, June 9th, MSROHIO will hold a 3-4 hour football camp for prospects in the Classes of 2015 and 2016. Registration will begin at 11:30 and the Showcase camp will begin at 1:00 and last for three hours. The camp will held at Thomas Worthington High School, a northern suburb of Columbus.
      The MSROHIO Underclassman  is endorsed by the Ohio High School Football Coaches. High school football coaches will work the camp. If the schedules co-operate, some college coaches will be able to work it as well. The 15 day window will apply.
       I wanted to get the initial information out there, so that parents can begin to set their vacation and football college camp schedule.
      Very important!! This is not a combine. The combines were run in March. Everything we do will be football related. For high school players to understand that this is not a combine with testing is really important to me. Much like the combines prepare you for the tests that colleges do, this Showcase Camp will prepare you for the drills and skills that the colleges will put a prospect through at their camps.
      The flyers and registration forms should be available on the MSROHIO website at the end of next week. April 6.

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