Monday, March 18, 2013

More Than Combines or Private Camps

      The MSROHIO Developmental Combine held at the Field near Monroe went well Sunday. Between 180-185 football players participated. All grades and all levels of ability.
      Trying to tie up all of the loose ends from the Monroe combine. Plus getting ready for my last football combine which will be held at Super Kick in Lewis Center, just north of Columbus this coming Sunday. By saying this, I am making excuses for not getting the final results posted until later in the week.
      If you are good enough, someone will find you. As many know, I really believe this and talk about it alot. Sometimes it may take time and may take some convincing, but it can get done. Plus prospects have to get into camps to get exposure. If you are not a higher division high school, or do not play higher divison level schools, you just have to get in front of evaluators who count. Guys, like John McCallister do not count. College coaches count.
        I get emails and calls about "should I go to this private camp, or to this private combine, or to this private big man's camp, or to this private QB/Receivers camp?" The answer is simple. If you are a junior, probably not. A junior who is not getting much love from the college coaches right now needs to get his summer college camp schedule ready to go. Pick the schools where you can get the most exposure.
      Back to all of the private camps and combines. If you have extra money, check out the camp. I am not going to crack on these private camps and combines. Marketing is huge with them. A few years ago I attended a National Underclassman Combine. Nine o'clock in the morning. Rain. All weather track. Still ran 40's and pro-shuttle on the wet grass. Only two representatives from the NUC present. The local high school football staff ran the drills and did the testing. They did a good job, but onlytwo reps from the national combine program. They did little of anything.
       If you are in the Class of 2014 and have not been given the "sales pitch" or the "offer" by a college football program, start planning to attend some college football camps. If you are a junior, one day is good enough any place. Just about every school has a "one day" camp. Some Mid-American Conference are doing satellite programs. For example, Toledo travels to Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown, and some other cities to hold four hour camps. Go to the college football website and check it out. A good deal.
     Wes Martin - Milton Union High School
       Wesley Martin (2014) plays offensive and defensive line at Milton-Union High School.  A Division Four school in football. Finished the season 10-3. What area of the state are they in? Wes attended my underclassman showcase last summer. Big, strong, and aggressive. Watched his Hudl highlight video. Stays on his feet. Can block on the run. Good balance. Good punch. Needs to be a bender. Plays high at times, but can play pad under pad.
      At the msrohio combine Sunday. 6'3-296 (no shoes on either). Verticaled 26.8. Broad jump- 7'9. L-cone-7.8 (good for a lineman). Ran an excellent 4.53 pro-shuttle. Powerball - 35'1. Best of all he ran 5.14(electronic) and 5.02 (handheld) 40 yard dash. Does not have great explosion, but he is powerful and can change direction. Excellent combine for Wes Martin.
       John McCallister does not make the call and is just an evaluator. Doing well at the combine is good, but he needs more. Wes has to get infront of college coaches and perform well. The college coach make the call.  Some recruiting reporters take the credit for a player getting an "offer," which is silly. If a player is not getting much attention from the college college, he must either workout at his school in front of the college coach or get to a camp. Maybe not right, but that is they way it is.
       Hang -in-there
Easy for me to say, but hang in there. Perform well at camps. Be first in line in every drill. Play hard, because you never know when a coach is watching. Finally, play "lights-out" those first three games. Leave it on the field. I still believe if you are good enough, someone will find you.

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