Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monroe Combine Results Posted - Thoughts on Sparq

      The results of the second MSROHIO Developmental Combine are now posted. I always feel that is better to post names in alphabetical order. Makes it easier to find names and their results.
       Forty times are often used as a measuring stick for skilled athletes. I do not always put alot of stock in the times given to the competitors, because alot of colleges give "feel good" times. If using hand-held, yes, they do. Also high school coaches usually have a "quick - finger."
       The fastest time I believe that I have ever had at one of my combines was run Sunday, by Justin Rankin. In the Class of 2015, this Elyria Catholic RB/DB ran 4.48. Timed by a man who times for men who train for the pro combines. We also had 6 other athletes run in the 4.5's. That is a record number of prospects in the 4.5's.
      Need to mention Joe Siegenthaler (2014) from New Albany. Ran 4.58/40 - 35'6/vertical - 4,48/pro shuttle - 9'7/broad jump - 7.3/L-cone - 37'4/powerball. If you compare all of the times/measurments Joe's would be tops. If you were trying to emulate a "Sparq" number, I would think that his would be the highest.
      Speaking of a Sparq score. I have a person who has put together his own version of a Sparq rating system. But I am shying away from it, because, for one, Nike and all of the other major combines are so big and have so many top quality people running their combines, I cannot be sure our scores and testing are equal. We are small combine and just have local people working ours.
       Also, with the major combines high-profile marketing, prospects get more exposure. However, I did have one college coach call me this morning about the times of one of the juniors competing at the Monroe combine. The prospect's high school coach called this MAC school and told him his player's times/measurements. The college assistant coach then called me. Hope that some college coaches trust me.
       Finally, Sparq rating is good. But I would like to put emphasis on all tests' scores and not just a total score. A Sparq score does, however, give a prospect a chance to balance out a poor test with a good test. My main goal is to be sure the prospects understand just how to do each test. Scores are secondary.
       A good trend right now and one that I really like is that alot of 2015 and some 2016 prospects are testing. Many of these underclassmen  have a chance to be high rated college prospects.When the college coaches go on the road in April, many will be searching for the Class of 2015 prospects. Sad, but this  is not going to change. Good to see that underclassmen are thinking and looking ahead.
      Sometime after this Sunday's combine at Lewis Center, I will highlight some of the top performers. Just too busy to do that now.
      Actually I am going to Thursday's OHSAA State Boys Basketball Championships. All four - Oh my!

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