Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eastwood and McCallister - "Old School Scouts"

      After watching the movie, "Trouble with the Curve," starring Clint Eastwood, I bought the DVD. You see, not in looks or money, but I can relate to Clint Eastwood in the movie. Eastwood plays a major league baseball scout in the South. Old and being replaced by the computer world. Being "old school," he travels the back roads. But he hustles. Granted Kenton, Ohio, is not the back roads, but watching the Big School State Powerlifting Competition, I met a young man from southern Ohio.
      I had heard about this big lineman from Coal Grove High School. Coal Grove is way down in southern Ohio. Today, I met Austin Pleasant, listed at 6'7-280. A starter on the basketball team. Carries a 4.0 in the classroom. Only a sophomore, he passes the eyeball test. I have not seen his highlight video, nor have I seen compete with pads on. Hopefully, he attends the MSROHIO Developmental Combine next Sunday. I promise you that is not overweight.
      Last week, I was at the Forth and Goal combine in Toledo. Watched a young man from Rossford, Ohio compete. Probably weighed about 240 and meaured 6'4. Long frame to add alot of good weight.
The next day, I saw him put the shot put over 47 feet. Not bad for this early and not bad for a sophomore. Need to watch Nathan Childress this fall. Plays defensive tackle and tight end for Rossford High School.
      I have been working on my Ohio Class of 2015 list. I got Kraig Howe's  name from "somewhere." When I get a name from "somewhere," I check him thoroughly, before I put his name out there. Watched Hudl video this morning. Really has alot of potential. Right now he is starting for Kettering Alter High School who will be playing in the Final Four at the OHSAA State Basketball Championships this weekend in Columbus. Listed at 6'3-253, he started for the Alter football team on the DL as a sophomore. This weekend and next weekend, he will be playing with a broken nose. First saw him on  HUDL.
      Thursday night I drove to Ohio University to watch two basketball tournament games. Besides visting with old coaching friends at Ohio University, I wanted to see sophomore quarterback Joe Burrow play basketball. Listed at 6'3-185, he runs the court well. Plays aggressive defense. Excellent three point shooter. Most of all, I liked his demeanor. Sounds silly, but attitude is really important to me, especially quarterbacks. QB's just have to be good listeners (with the coach). They must be able to lead, regardless if they are only sophomores. Joe can do that. Really like his HUDL highlight video. Could possibly be my top QB in the Ohio Class of 2015. Still early, however.
      While mentioning sophomores, need to identify one more.  Stopped by to see Chuck Gresham at D-1 training facility last week and watched Westerville South's big 2015 lineman workout. Passes the eyeball test and listed at 6'5-260. Runs well. Bends well. Powerful. Looking forward to watching him in camp this summer. Like his attitude. Rob Dowdy looks the part and now I need to watch him play with pads on.
      Got caught up with the Ohio Class of 2015 in this blog, but wanted readers to know that good scouts will go anywhere to evaluate prospects. Sometimes there may be 100 prospects and you find 10. But you have also eliminated 90. Funny story-- Two recuiting reporters wanted to watch some prospects workout, but they only wanted to see the high profile players, not everybody.
      Watch the movie video, "Trouble With the Curve." Now, I am not a baseball talent guy, but I do know what a "backdoor slider" is. I can tell a "natural shooter" on the basketball floor. But not to worry, I still enjoy evaluating football players. And I was "right on" with Beanie Wells years ago.
      I do believe that "if you are good enough, someone will find you."

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