Saturday, March 9, 2013

Excuses for Blog Disappearance

      Excuses are just like noses - everybody has one. I have simply been too busy to sit down and blog. Honestly, I wanted to, but I could not get focused to do it. Plus, I am still upset the Columbus Dispatch has raised its price to $1.50 per day. Just like Ohio State football raising their seat prices and still playing smaller school programs. Okay, but not worth the price. The Dispatch sometimes gave me ideas for my blog. Here are some excuses for being away from my blog.
Powerlifting - State Championship - Divisions Four, Five, and Six
      Today, I watched some really strong guys lift at The Ohio High School State Powerlifting Meet at Kenton High School. Divisions four, five, and six competed today. Next week, Divisions one, two, and three will lift. Each lifter gets three attempts at the bench press, squat, and deadlift. The competition is divided into weight classes from 110 pounds to heavyweight.                                        .
      Genoa was well represented. The Nutter boys looked good. Impressed with  offensive lineman Michael Dieter (2014) from Genoa. Like his attitude. Huge frame - 6'5-295. Believe that he is coming to the MSROHIO Developmental Combine at Lewis Center. Host Kenton is always high in attendance and performance. Impressed with Matt Barr (2014). Plays LB, but may be a strong safety at the next level.
      Next week the larger schools will be competing at Kenton. Not as many schools, but quality just the same.
The 4th and Goal Combine
      Friday night I was in Toledo to watch Mike Robinson's 4th and Goal Combine in Sylvania. Before attending the combine, I had coffee with University of Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell. Actually, I wrote about Coach Campbell, when he played DE for Massillon Perry High School. Fun and enjoyable chatting with him. My two cents - An excellent young and personable head coach.
      Mike Robinson is trying to help kids in Northwest Ohio get better. He hustles and communicates with kids. I have never had success in Toledo, but I may expect too much. He seems to getting it done.
      Toledo Central Catholic's Paul Moses (2014) looked good. Some like him as a linebacker, some as a RB. For some reason, I want to see him run the ball. Big, powerful, and explosive. Excellent attitude.
      A lot of younger guys were in the combine. This is good for me, because I can identify prospects early. A defensive lineman from Rossford caught my eye. Only a sophomore, he has work to do, but I like his potential.One of the most physical prospects at the combine was a freshman from Northwest Ohio. In fact, in the last two weeks, I have met two of the most promising linebackers in the  Ohio Class of 2016.
      I worry that some of the times will get on recruiting sites. Although most of the tests were done correctly, one was not. When you have a recruiting reporter present, reporting correct times is important.
      Mike has done a good job of educating not only players, but also parents. Anytime young people learn and compete, the time is worthwhile. My two cents - he is on the right track.
High School Basketball Games 
      Watching football players play basketball is huge for me. An evaluator can learn alot about a young man, both tangible and intangible, watching him play basketball. Better than that, he can discover football players whose head coach has not sent out information on his prospects. Nor does he have highlight video available.
      Really glad that I watched Perrysburg for a second time this year. Back in December, I went to see TE/DE Nate Patterson (2014) play against Toledo Whitmer. Not only did he not leave the bench, but he showed no enthusiasm. No visible injuries. Oh my! Never said anything, but wanted to see him play against Fremont Ross. Found out that he had mono back in December. Nate, listed 6'4-220,
played hard and was really aggressive. Like his potential as a football recuit. Glad I saw Perrysburg play again.
      Pleasantly surprised to discover two "big guys" playing hoops for Fremont Ross. TE Dylan Jagodzinski (2014), listed 6'4-215, was all over the court. Tough rebounder. Also played out front on full court pressure. Like his athleticism.  Need to see some football video, but he did some good things on the basketball floor. Also liked teammate , Jarvis Jones (2014), listed at 6'5. Really good frame. Good feet. Like the way he played defense. Liked the way he ran the court. Anxious to see him on the football field.
An Ohio 2014 Top List
      Some college recruiters have asked me to come up with a top 25 list of Ohio high school players in the 2014 Class. They asked me to rank them from 1-25. That is really hard to do, but, after watching much video and studying my notes, I did that. In fact, I have put a top 50 together. Ranked from 1-50. This has taken alot of time. I just do this for colleges. Recruiting sites like Rivals, Fox, and 24-7 do this for 100 prospects. They have a staff who does this, but since I am the only eyes, their list are probably more reliable. 
      Speaking of video, after watching Hudl highlight videoes, I believe that if a high school program has the money, HUDL is the way to go. Coaches can watch practices and email them to their players. Players can make their own highlight videoes. College coaches can watch Hudl highlights or games right away. There is no advertising on the video, no bells, no music(most of the time). No banners. Just video and a circle or an arrow to identify the player. HUDL seems to be the way to go.
      Speaking of video - part two. I get request to watch Hudl video all of the time and evaluate a prospect's potential. I will tell you watching video is just a part of evaluating a prospect. Until I actually see him in person, I cannot give a true evaluation. Some people can, but I can not and will not.
A Players to Watch List in April
      Trying to get a list of 150 prospects in the Ohio Class of 2014 to post on this website. Actually have that list, but need to constantly evaluate prospects. Will add more. The list on the website will be in alphabetical order. The MSROHIO website does not need rankings to get people to visit the site. My purpose is to get some recogntion and exposure for Ohio High School football players.

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