Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Comments on Lewis Center Combine

      The MSROHIO Developmental Combine at Lewis Center, near Columbus, is now in the books. Last Sunday, 252 football prospects in the Classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016 learned and competed at the SuperKick indoor soccer facility.
      The MSROHIO combines are not in the same league as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, or really any of the high profiled combines through the country. Our combines are probably less stressful than most. Our combines may be more consistent in that every prospect has the same timer for the 40 yard test, as well as the every tests. Just like everything that I do-- Kids come first. Not about marketing and money. Not about recruiting reporters. Plain and simple - Kids come first.
      This year's combine at Lewis Center was the most disciplined one that we had there. Three years ago coaches and parents actually were all over the field. My fault. Last year was better, but not where I wanted it in regards to field presence. My fault. This year, with some better preparation on my part, the parents and coaches were awesome. No problems.
      I always hear the comment -"This is the first time that I have ever done this test." That is what this combine is all about. College coaches understand that. If you are a freshman or sophomore, it probably is the first time, but you are preparing for the college summer camps. Also hear, " My 40 time is bad. You know, I have run 4.35." Does a high school player know just how fast a 4.35 is?" Of course, I could do like combine guys and make the "40" - 37 yards. Plus it is March, indoors.
      What helps the MSROHIO combines is the fact that the core people who work the tests have been doing it for a long time. Chuck Gresham, of D-1 Training in Columbus is simply one of the best on the watch in the 40. Having an electronic system really helps. Gives the players a chance to compare times.
      The Lewis Center results should be posted soon. One of the top performers would have to be
      Darien Miller (2014) from Westerville South. Measuring 5'9-171 (no shoes) he had a 4.48/40 - 32.3/vertical - 4.41/shuttle - 9'7/broad jump - 7.5/L-cone - 30'11/power ball.
      New Albany's Tyrell Howard (2014) measured 5'8-160 and posted a 38.4/vertical - 4.56/40 - 4.5/pro shuttle - 9'9/broad jump - 7.25/L-cone and 29'2/powerball.
      Anthony McKee (2015) from Walnut Ridge, measured 6'1-187, ran a 4.55/40 - 33.1/vertical - ran a 4.55/shuttle - 9'2/broad jump - 7.8/L-cone. and  a 33'1/powerball toss.
      Measuring 6'4-236, Kenton's Noah Furbush (2014) ran a 4.78/40 - verticaled 31.1 - ran a 4.22/shuttle - had an 8'10/broad jump - 7.37/L-cone and a 36'9/powerball. All of this on a 6'4-236 frame.(no shoes).
     Of course, there were many more excellent performances at this combine. Eventually, more combine participants will be highlighted from the Lewis Center combine, along with performances from Zanesville and Monroe.

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