Friday, August 17, 2012

Westerville South Impresses with Skill Players

Last night I traveled to Pickerington North to watch North scrimmage Westerville South. Both teams were missing players due to injuries. For the most part, South played a little better than North, but it was a scrimmage. Both teams did well at times. And honestly, I watch players rather teams.The skill players at South have much potential. Pickerington North, also had some players whom I consider good skill. players.

WR Gary Brown (2013) from Westerville South has been underrated both last year and going into this year. Listed at 6'0, but maybe an inch shorter, is simply unstoppable. A 4.6/40 guy, but with hard work could get faster. Very athletic. Soft hands, but very strong hands. Excellent body control. Willing to block on the edge. Excellent concentration. Like his wide receiver instincts and swagger. Just finds a way to catch every pass. For me, one of the top receivers in Ohio.

Many college coaches have asked about Darryl Long (2014) from Westerville South. Listed at 6'5-225, but needs to continue to get bigger and stronger. A tight end at the next level, but could be a DE just as well. Like his ball catching skills. Gets downfield in passing schemes. Blocks effectively. Used mostly either flex or in slot, which I could see happening at the next level. For me, a top TE recruit in the Ohio 2014 Class.

WR Torrodd Carter (2014) lined up opposite Gary Brown. Came on in the third quarter. Good size. Good burst. Dropped some balls early, but made some tough catches later in the scrimmage. Like his WR instincts. Has the tools, but needs to work on centration. With experience, could be very good.

Once Marcus Ball (2013) gets his transcript on file back at Westerville South, he will be playing FS or maybe some OLB for South. Last year he was the starting QB, but now has moved to FS. For me, he is one of the best DB's in Ohio. Tough. Smart. Fills on running plays. Athletic and the hips to cover sideline to sideline. Listed 6'3, he needs to continue to get stronger, but he will. Anticipates well. An OLB at the next level and will be a very good one.

Noah Prentiss (2013), Westerville South, has moved from defense to RB. A state competitor in the 100 meter dash. Has run 10.7. Now weighs 209 over a 5'10 frame. Like his toughness to take a hit. Needs to work on hips, but is a fast north/south runner. Excellent burst. Only his third scrimmage as an RB, but must improve RB instincts. Once he breaks the LOS,  he is very hard to catch. Size and speed gives him a good chance at next level.

Probably the biggest surprise to me was the play of QB Nick Renzetti (2013) from Westerville South. Guessing 6'3, but he needs to add weight and strength. Nick can flat out spin-it. Strong arm. Can throw the touch pass. Throws to where the WR is going to be. Reads well. Carries out his fakes. Needs reps, experience, and strength. Too early to really rate what level he can play, but he can wing-it.

Jake Butt (2013) from Pickerington North is a Michigan commit. Excellent size. Really athletic. At listed 6'6-233, he was all over the field. Will be a TE at Michigan, who can also flex out. Excellent hands. Overall play was okay, but he had some really good plays. Must be an excellent leader for Pick North this fall.Will be fine for the Wolverines.

Really liked the play of Pickerington North's, Mason Olszewski, class of 2013. Played QB and on defense, played FS. Excellent athlete. Good feet. Closes well from his safety position. Solid speed. Will tackle running backs. Listed 6'2-205. Number just kept popping up. Hope that he continues to improve.

Pickerington North's, Roland Ladipo played CB and some SLOT. Listed 5'10-165. Solid speed. Good hips. Understands the CB position. Tough enough. Needs to work on overall speed and hips. Like his burst.

Offensive lineman were young on both teams. Good to see skill players making good plays. Might be good to see them later in the year.

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