Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chayce Crouch - Newark Catholic QB

The hour and 45 minute drive to Newark last night was well worth the trip. All the while, I was thinking storms, and watching a quarterback in the rain is not always good. But, my good friend Bill Franks, head football coach at Newark Catholic promised that he had come guys I needed to see. This time he was on.

Just as I thought that I had the QB's in the Ohio Class of 2014 pretty much evaluated, I will admit I missed one. Watched Chayce Crouch play basketball last winter. Thought that he was okay. Watched him last night play quarterback; he is better than okay.

Listed at 6'4 and 215, he is athletic. Excellent pocket instincts and also can throw on the run. Just missed on the 17 yard out on the far hash. Sees the field and can find receivers. Like his accuracy, and the fact that his balls are catchable. Good feet and can run out of the pocket. He can "spin-it." With all of the physical tools, I like his QB leadership skills the best. When things were getting shaky, he had control and was cool under pressure.

Ironically, I went to watch some Newark Catholic players, but also came away impressed with Ridgewood's QB, also in the Ohio Class of 2014. Ryan Lowe, listed at 6'3, will need to add more strength and weight, but he is also a catcher on a traveling baseball team. Has some size. This being only his second varsity action as a starting QB, he needs experience. Has many of the same qualities that Chayce Crouch has. Good, quick release. Sees the field and finds the second and third receiver. Runs okay. Too early to predict on what college level that he can play. With added strength, weight, and experience, who knows? Great attitude is there and also will be a leader on the field.

Also came away impressed with OL/DL guy, Brent Benner, from Newark Catholic.. Listed at 6'4-265, Brent played both ways. Really a good bender. Like his explosion off the LOS. Good run blocker. Liked his drop step on pass protection. Good hips as a lead blocker. A hard worker and, seems like a good person. One of my few suggestions that he shows a really aggressive attitude on every play. Only a junior, he has time to show that. If Brent Benner  keeps working, he will have a chance toWOW'em at camps next summer.

Like what I see in Chayce Crouch. He does alot of things well, but I really like his QB leadership. The more he plays, the better he will get. Chayce Crouch will not be "under the radar," for college coaches.

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