Friday, August 31, 2012

QB's Kempt and Worstell -Much Improved

       Last night, Two quarterbacks who I have watched for three years, including last night, are catching coaches' attention. If not, they should be. One has committed to Cincinnati and I am not for sure on the other.
      Reid Worstell from Glen Oak and Kyle Kempt from Massillon Washington, both showed much improvement going into their senior year. Only the second game of the season and some mistakes were made by both QB's. However, anytime there are 15 flags thrown, 9 turnovers, numerous QB sacks, some interceptions, the game was bad football at times. But the hitting was excellent and talent played well at times.
     Over the years it seems like I have never seen Reid Worstell at full strength. Last year his protection was weak at times and sometimes his decision making was not good. Last night, I thought that he managed the game well. Excellent at getting the ball to the running back. Liked his short quick out passes to the wide outs. Read coverages much better. Pocket presence was better. Reid has always set up in the pocket well. Have always liked his throwing motion. Sometimes he will have to spin-it better and show more arm strength. For the most part, he looked solid last night.
     First time that I saw Kyle Kempt he was absorbing all he could learn at a Massillon 7on7 and was only a sophomore. Tall and skinny and his arm was not strong. But he was coachable and wanted to be good. Saw him against Toledo Whitmer do some good things. Last year he was improving, but I did not like his throwing motion. Too much baseball. Smart, stood tall in the pocket. Needed to make quicker decisions, but was improving. Last inght, he looked much improved. Some coach has tweaked his release. Stands tall in the pocket, but must improve his feet. Must put rpm's on deep cuts.
     Really liked what I saw in both QB's last night. There are some other little coaching points that I think would help them, but that is not my job. Both Reid and Kyle are on the right track. Probably will not see them until really late in the season. Hope that they continue to improve and go onto to have really good years at the next level.

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