Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joe Burger gets Recognized as a Preferred Walk-on

Congrats to Ohio State preferred walk-on Joe Burger on being the eighth freshman to have his black stripe removed from his helmet. Have not taken the time to really find the real details of the black helmet tape removal. Obviously, it is one of Urban Meyer's  motivational ideas for the incoming freshman.

Burger, a 6'1-228, is from Cincinnati LaSalle High School. A preferred walk-on is promised to be one of the 106 to report for the beginning of fall practice. He has done well enough to be rewarded by the O-State coaches.

Liked the comments of Luke Fickell on Joe Burger's effort. " When you come in, those stars all those things you had in recruiting, don't matter. It's about what you do here. We don't care what you did before, it's what you do now and how you can help this team. There's a bunch of ways you can help this team, and we're proud to say Joe helped this team in alot of different ways."

Of course, I respect Luke Fickell but I liked his comments for two reasons. One, he is stroking a "perferred walk-on" and recognizes that getting it done on the field is what it is all about. If you are a preferred walk-on, at times, your life will be miserable, but if you work really hard and the timing is right, you have a chance. Second, for the most part the "star system," is just a marketing tool. The "star system" excites fans and alumni and is used as a recruiting tool for some college programs. But as a true test of a recruit's ability, the system is overrated.

Hopefully, Joe Burger's losing the "black helmet stripe," will motivate other walk-ons at O-State, as well as this year's Class of 2013. With hard work and good timing, a preferred walk-on has a chance to make it. Maybe not a high percentage, but at least, a chance. Every college  has preferred walk-ons who are a very important part of the success of the football program.

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