Thursday, August 30, 2012

Explaining - "Around the State with MSR"

Wanted to take a minute to clarify a section of my website called "Around the State with MSR." Anytime people put out list, I think that it is important to provide some background as to how they do it. The last thing that I want is controversy. I do not need message boards to promote what I do. Neither do I need coaches, and or, parents or players upset about omitting a player or being too negative about a player.

The McCallister Scouting Report's primary role is to provide information to colleges throughout the country with information about college potential players throughout Ohio. Besides providing contact information and measurements, MSR rates each prospect. All of this comes in a spiral bound notebook released in February called the Ohio Prospects Directory. Another service MSR sells to colleges is a program called Weekly Evaluations during the season. Colleges pay MSR for all information. The McCallister Scouting Report scouting service is approved by the NCAA.

Although many D-1, D-2, and D-3 colleges buy the Ohio Prospects Directory, with exception of Ohio Dominican and Harvard, the college football programs that buy the Weekly Evaluations are all Divison 1 schools. Because of this, most of the high school players that I evaluate in person have to have Divison One potential. Problem -- obviously, I am going to make mistakes, but hopefully, not too many.

The other problem is that since the large majority of college programs that pay for Weekly Evaluations are Division One schools, I only have time to evaluate the higher profile prospects. Also, since recruiting begins so much earlier, I have to provide insight on, not only seniors, but more on juniors, sophomores, and even freshman.

Hopefully, not only does the MSROHIO website provides parents and high school players information on football recruiting, but also through Around the State with MSR, players get some exposure. The comments that are posted on the MSROHIO website are not as a detailed as the comments that college coaches read, or are they as critical.

Because I am a "kid's guy," my hope is that my website MSROHIO promotes high school players in a positive way.

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