Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thoughts on the Crosstown Showdown

Yesterday I finished my player evaluations and emailed them to the college programs who pay for that part on my service. Takes time to do them, but I always enjoy promoting high school football players. Nine games in three days was enough for me. Now time to get to other parts of Ohio.

The Skyline Crosstown Showdown is an amazing event. This year was number fifthteen. This year's event may have been the best of all. Including Kentucky games, there twenty-one total. Solid officiating, with just a few mistakes. Good crowds. For the most part, very good football games. Reasonable parking fees. The official program was very informative and colorful. Away from the action, my Red Roof Inn room was really clean, and best of all, was not expensive.

The flip side - just a few speed bumps. Really hot days and the turf was even warmer(?). Food was really expensive. Two and a quarter for candy. Self-denial at the food/drink areas for me. Took the elevator a few times to the pressbox. Walked up the stadium steps more than a few times. Oh my! Still not used to seeing internet media recruiting reporters interviewing players and taking players' pictures after games. One reporter even went to the bench, while the game was in progress, to have a player pose for a picture. I guess I am still "old school."

Speaking of pictures, I had a first on the sideline. First and foremost, I was at fault. As the saying goes,"My bad." I was really focused on a player, when someone really firmly tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and some expert photographer, told me to "get out of the way." My reaction was to the effect, "don't you hit me like that, stupid." Again, I was wrong. Most photo guys are good, but like in anything, some think that they are selected on ability.

Camera people who are videoing the game are different. Mostly young guys, who are entitled to any spot, and with a "get-out-of-my-way." In fact on one timeout, Jalin Marshall, Middletown's gifted QB, had to ask the filming guy to get back, because he could not concentrate. I am sure that the television people are calling the shots. Cameras are also in a player's face as he stretches during warmups. I guess that media attention is necessary. Just not used to it.

Congrats to In-Game Sports. Tom and Lori Gamble do a super job putting on this event. Of course, quality of help makes it go, but it all starts at the top with the Gambles. Job well done.

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