Thursday, May 24, 2012

Noah Spielman from Upper Arlington

Last year, at the Herbstriet Classic was my first chance to see sophomore Noah Spielman from Upper Arlington do battle on the football field. Actually, I first saw him at a summer football camp, before he went into his freshman year. Up until last Tuesday, I was concerned about his overall size to play on the defensive line. Not now.

Strength, toughness, or playing every down should never be a problem with Noah. Being a real teammate who leads by example will never be a problem. Not for me, but I am sure some recruiters will hestitate at his height. Right now, he is squeezing 6'0. Plus he weighs around 240. After meeting him briefly, size will not be an issue for me. One thing for sure, he is "puffed-up." I mean he  has spent some time lifting weights. He is taller than I expected him to be.

Watching him grow the next two years will be fun. Evaluating him as a football player both in camps and on Friday night, is something I am looking forward to doing. Hope that he plays pad under pad and gets off blocks. His motor running full speed on every play will not be a problem.

Everybody talks about how great a kid he is and that he is a really good teammate. Those are the remarks from coaches, when I asked about him. Talking to him, I really like his attitude. He tilts his head to the right just like his father. As he continues through the football recruiting process, he will need to be able to communicate with recruiting writers and coaches. Answering the same questions over and over will get to be old stuff,. Anyone can guess two on the most asked questions.

I like Noah Spielman alot. For me, and I cannot explain it, but some players just have the "it" factor. Only a sophomore, I know, but he may have the extra "stuff" needed to be good. Again only a sophomore, but he will  convince evaluators that at 6'0, he can play. I mean, it is what it is, but Rosey Nix is having a tremndous career at Kent State and he may not be 6 feet tall.

Finally, maybe the biggest pressure that he faces is that Chris Spielman is his proud father. Yes, the same  Chris Spielman,  who is one of the most recognized personalities in not only Columbus, but throughout the country. In a ten minute conversation with Noah, I like his chances of handling that pressure. If he has the determination of his late mother, I like my chances of being "on" with Noah Spielman's potential.

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