Monday, May 28, 2012

The "Elite 11"

Nike has the marketing and the financial backing to control combines and camps for high school football players across the country. For the most part, they probably do an excellent job of running their football camps and combines. Have not been to one in years, so I can just go on what I hear.

I attended the "Elite 11" at Ohio Dominican University a few weeks back. One thing for sure, they have nice equipment to work with. There were alot of QB's in attendance and from all over the country. Impressive. However, many of them will have a hard getting a four year scholarship. But, some of the top dogs were there. That made my 45 minutes interesting.

One of the things that bother me is the pressure that they put on QB's to attend. Supposedly, if they do not show, they will not be invited to the "Opening." Seriously, what if the top seven QB's in the Midwest did not show?

Some QB's are just not "camp guys." Mitch Trubisky is not a camp guy. He drops down sometimes and has a little quirk in his release at times, but all he does is manage games and win. I think he is the top QB in the Class of 2013, with Malik Zaire, a really second. Deshone Kiser, Ohio Class of 2014, is not a camp guy either. But, he is one of the top QB's in his class.

Kiser has the done the right thing, however. Going to the "Elite 11" as a sophomore gives the experience for next year. If he has time, he should to more than one. Learn what Nike wants and the third time should be a charm. This is pretty much what Malik Zaire has done. Malik's QB presence has really improved, as has his feet.

Had a chance to watch QB Cody Calloway from Midview High School workout last week. Cody is in the Class of 2014. He should be one of the top five QB's in his class, but he is also and excellent baseball pitcher. Next spring, if he participates in the "Elite 11," he will have to adjust his throwing motion.

Surprisingly, all of the top rated QB's had major college scholarships. What would happen if the judges had no idea who the QB's were and did not know to what school they had committed. I wonder if the results would be the same. More than likely, yes. At least I hope so.

Anything done the right way and is not terribly expensive in promoting young people is good. But I have always believed that "big is not always better." Learning and getting better is what it is all about. If the "Elite 11" does this, good. If it does not, do not attend.

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