Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Fifties Comment Today

Leaving church this morning, I walked to meet one of the area graduates who is attending a Division II  college school to play football next fall. I had never met him before, but I had heard good things about his ability.

After introducing myself, I wished him good luck. As we were walking out the door, I asked him how two of his former high school teammates were doing in college football. One, he said is doing well after a position change in the spring. The other, or as he said, "The big colored guy," was a back-up on the offensive line. Yes, he said the "big colored guy."

I suggested that he probably should not use the word "colored" around his teammates next fall. Then I reminded him that this is 2012. Yes, this conversation actually took place. Sadly, the young man never apologized. Actually, I think that the comments went right over his head.

Sometimes bigger schools and "inner city" schools are considered aloof and hard to communicate with. For me, the irony is that I have a tougher time communicating with the smaller rural schools. In fact, last spring I introduced myself to a young sophomore from Marion County at an Ohio State football practice. His dad looked at me like I was selling Amway products.

Many people blow smoke up my nose about my abilities evaluating high school football players. I will be the first to tell you that I am highly over-rated. But, gosh, small schools you need more help with getting recognized than big schools. Use all of the help that you can find.

Finally, I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I have an 84 year old neighbor who sometimes says the word "colored," but an 18 year old. How sad!

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LB3 said...

The colored comment really didn't surprise me...He prolly doesn't understand the problem with it. Growing up with the MTVs and BETs doesn't surprise me words like that and the "n" word is used like a high five. I wouldn't blame the kid, but society.

I was down in Norwayne a few weeks ago and your name is up there with the best. Some of the parents really praise you down there helping out the small town....