Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June is High School Football Camp Time

Just turned the calendar to the month of June. Oh, my! Friday I head to the Ohio High School State Track Championships. Then next week there are football camps, football camps, and more football camps. But first I have to take care of the camps that I direct.
We are holding the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association Underclassmen Showcases next week. Rather than just have one in Columbus, we are adding one in Toledo and one between Cincinnati and Dayton. Cleveland always seems to have so much going on with camps that I wanted to wait until next year to see how these progress. Of course, maybe I will find out that just holding one in Columbus for the whole state is the best idea.

Ohio High School football coaches work our camps. There is just so much out there with regards to camps and combines that I put emphasis on the quality of people who work my camps.. The coaches work hard and teach. They are not presenters; they are teachers. This year, Ben Mauk, former UC quarterback is working two of the camps. The son of the late Joe Daniels and QB coach at Toledo St Johns, Matt Daniels will work the camp in Toledo. Matt did a tremendous job instructing last year. Being a QB coach wanna-be, the QB position is really important to me.

Chuck Gresham, Director of college and high school training at D-1 Training in Columbus is one of the few coaches who does not coach on the high school level. Chuch interned at Ohio State recently and brings a wealth of knowledge in the training part of the camp. Plus,  Chuck also works with the running backs. All in all, there are forty different coaches working the camps.

Personally, I feel it is important for underclassmen to have some idea of what to expect at the college camps. We expose the campers to almost everything they will encounter at the college camps. from some agility testing to football agility drills to individual specific drills. There are competition drills and the camp finishes with some seven on seven competition.

I read and hear about all of the private football camps available throughout Ohio. Anytime that a person gets a chance to improve his football skills, he should go for it. MSROHIO camps do not have former "pro-football guys" or high profile college players. The camps are not free, but the cost is minimal. Some of the fee is given back to the OHSFCA for the scholarship fund. There are no individual awards.

Really the purpose of the camps is to make players better and to expose them to what camps are all about. Of course, the information and evaluations of many of the campers not only goes on my website, but, more importantly, goes out to all of the colleges who buy my service.

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