Thursday, May 3, 2012

McCallister on Yappi

Last night a friend of mine who evidentally reads a site called Yappi, called me to tell me that he read a blog that I had written about recent NFL draftees with Ohio high school football backgrounds taken in the first seven rounds of the NFL draft. He said that it was informative. This was interesting because I do not read Yappi and quit reading JJ Huddle a few years back.

I checked it out and, sure enough someone put my blog entry on Yappi. How does that happen? I mean someone can take an article or blog and post it on a messageboard or whatever it is called. Internet media-WOW.

Felt bad, because nobody said anything positive. But that is really par for the course. The internet is something else. As far as sports message boards, no accountability. Like most "second-guessers," nobody will own up to comments.  Of course, sports talk radio, at times can be worse. At least you know who is making the comments.

At a sports banquet once I talked about finding the ideal quarterback. One who could see the field. One who had a strong arm. One who could make check downs. Most of all, one who made the proper play call everytime. I was looking for that QB, but it was so hard to get the person in the stands to come down and quarterback.

Back to Yappi. Why was the reader being sarcastic about me taking a nap while the NFL game was on the flat screen?

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LB3 said...

Sorry John, I stole one of your blog post a while back, but your name is there as you wrote it. It was the 463rd post of the Terry Bowden to Akron thread. I didnt want to change the blog post but I should of put your sites URL up like I have done a dozen times before.