Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gary Stevens Football Camp

Since they invite me every year and this year asked me to talk to the campers, I wanted to get a promo for the Gary Stevens Football Camp. A four day camp and it concludes today. The camp concentrates on QB's and WR's with some DB's to make for one on one competition.

Gary Stevens is from the Cleveland area, bit gained his credentials as QB coach at both the University of Miami and the Miami Dolphins. Gruff style relating to kids, but knows his stuff, and knows it well. Area high school coaches help, as do some area college coaches.

This year the camp was held at St. Eds in Cleveland. Room was alittle bit of a problem, but everybody got plenty of reps. Always enjoyable to watch kids' listening skills at work.

If you live in the Cleveland area, I would check it out next summer. There are so many camps out there, and picking the good ones can sometimes be hard. Over the winter, I think that I will comprise alist of both college and private camps available. Call it John's list.

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