Thursday, July 8, 2010

7on7 the Best Way

Travis Moyer, head football coach of the very respected Wynford Royals football program invited me to watch a 7on7 practice at Wynford. Being maybe 20 minutes from my home, I decided to go. Glad I did.

North Union made the trip to Wynford for a little 7on7. Two games were going at once with both teams mixing in starters with back-ups. Neither team put their starters together. Neither team kept trying run up touchdowns. Niether team kept score. Coaches were constantly coaching up their players. Backups to the backups played the third series. Really enjoyed watching the teams play.

No real "no brainer" prospects at this 7on7, but some players who need to be evaluated. North Union has a two way player at FB/LB and a strong arm QB. The QB is at least 6'4 and moves well. Needs to work on his footwork, but his release is good. Warren Sheilds, the LB/FB runs well and changes direction okay. Although 6'2, he needs to add some weight. His strength may be his toughness. Neither prospect has a "real" offer and will have to impress coaches on early video.

Seems like I watch a ton of 7on7 contests. Some well organized; some not. Some have really good teams; some not. Some are too competitive; some are not. The bottom line here. Sometimes it is really fun to watch two teams play to learn and enjoy competing and not worrying about winning a trophy.

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