Sunday, July 11, 2010

July - Enjoy Freedom

Over the last two weeks, six different parents have either called or emailed, and their first question was - "What else can we do for our son?" My simple answer is " relax and get ready for the season."

No more camps and definitely no more combines. This really applies to the underclassmen. Some colleges are hosting one day senior camps in July. The last chance for some seniors to convince the college coaches that they are scholarship quality. If I am underclassman, I am going to focus on what is ahead on the football field. Honestly, seniors should be doing the same thing. Bust your butt and impress the college coaches in those first three games.

Many high school teams are involved in 7on7 play. Great time to work on self-discipline and focus. Now teams are starting to compete and to think football. Some high school teams are running their own camps. Time to get yourself into the best physical shape possible and work on those fundamentals.

Do not worry about "offers" or "lack of offers." Offers are so over-blown that it is sad. Once a prospect gets the first offer, more will come. A MAC level school told me last summer that they offered a player, because some other MAC schools did. Some high school players make it a game. They try to force some college coaches to offer them, just so they can list the most offers. With internet sites like Scout and Rivals, offers make for more hits and more hits means more money. Of course, Scout and Rivals believe they are responsible for kids getting offers. How many offers are enough? Just a thought.

Remember the words "they like him," and " they are looking at him." High school coaches tell me this all of the time. The like hundreds of kids, adn, of course they at tons of players. But they are only going to give 25 scholarships. Do the math.

Use the month of July to have fun. Get away. Do things with the family. My point is enjoy yourself. Football is a long season. Do not get caught up in reading about yourself in the media. Do not get caught up in the college coaches' sales pitches. Do not get up in where you are rated by the recruiting analysts and experts. Do not take the high school football forums seriously. Just remembered something else -- MSROHIO may publish a list of prospects. Do not take that list serious either.

August is roughly three weeks away. If you think July is hot, August will be hotter. Coaches will be "on your case." School work will be important. Late meals. Aches and bruises will pop up. Hopefully, you will all be playing 15 games this year.

Enjoy July.

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