Friday, July 16, 2010

Braxton Miller

Jay Minton brought his Wayne High School skilled players to Capital University for some 7on7 yesterday. Wayne's highly touted QB Braxton Miller (an O-State commit) made the trip. I have watched Braxton since his freshman year and he never surprises me. Really wanted to see how he has matured physically and mentally over the last year.

Not 6'4 (as many say), but 6'3. Physically he looks good. I mean really good. Arm may be even stronger than before. Stands tall. Excellent, quick release. Mentally, always sharp. Had heard rumors that the recruiting hype was taking it's toll, but I do not think so. Good with me, anyway. Like to make him flash that big smile.

The major flaw with Braxton is that he has to slow the game down. Did not see it yesterday, but in live competition, even sometimes QB drills, he goes too fast. His body weight is over extended, but his strong, quick release gets him out of trouble. He will learn to control his body. When he slows the game down, he will be special.

As far as O-Sate fans, Braxton hates to travel. C-bus is a long trip. I am glad that he took out all or the recruiting hype and announced his decision. At his press conference. he did not upstage any university. Looked at the hats, and picked up Ohio State. In all of the silliness that goes on at some press conferences

As far as a QB, Braxton is a passer who happens to be a very talented athlete with excellent vision. He is not a thrower who also happens to be a tremendous athlete. As far as the future, the sky is the limit for Braxton Miller.

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